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In today's chaotic world, people need to know how to adapt more quickly than ever. Multiple Natures International (MNI) develops tools and training programs that assist guidance professionals in identifying and aligning the potential of their clients and colleagues. Our resources are based on the Steven Rudolph’s Multiple Natures theory, and include a pioneering psychometric test, interactive workshops, and certification training programs. Professionals who become proficient in our methods expand their ability to deliver unprecedented results with those they work with. Our approach facilitates deep personal insights in short periods of time that lead to positive personal transformation.

To date, more than 150,000 people across the globe have benefitted from Multiple Natures. Our tools and programs are used by all types of professionals to work with their clients for counseling, coaching, career guidance, recruitment, management, and personal development. Guidance professionals who use our tools and methods in tandem with their traditional services report an increase in client satisfaction, returns, and referral rates. We have a network of Certified MN Practitioners and active partnerships in the United States, Switzerland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, India, and Morocco.

Multiple Natures’ Origins

Our Founder’s Story

Steven Rudolph


Founder of MNI
Strong Multiple Intelligences
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Strong Multiple Natures
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  • Entrepreneurial

In 1989, while pursuing a career in music in New York, Steven Rudolph took up a part-time teaching job to make ends meet. In his first class he had an epiphany: that he had an innate capacity to teach. Though he had no formal training, it was as if he already knew how to do it—as if he were a fish in water.

The realization led him to question his formal education that never led him to recognize this underlying ability. He began to understand that he wasn't alone; there were millions of people who had completed their education without a clear idea of who they were—what their natural capacities were and how to make career choices that aligned with their potential.

To address this problem, Steven resolved to found a school whose main aim would be to help students identify their unique talents so that after graduation, they would be able to determine the best routes to attain success both personally and professionally.

But the question was how and where.

At the invitation of a friend, Steven traveled to the Himalayas to meet with numerous scholars of ancient Eastern wisdom. Little did he know that he would spend two decades in India, and that this would be the location for the educational institution he had dreamed about.

During this time, he became fluent in Hindi, immersed himself in traditional philosophy, and eventually cracked the code of 5,000 year-old-scriptures that contained age-old secrets of personal alignment. Steven turned these learnings into the Multiple Natures System and applied them in his school as well as in other educational institutions throughout India.

It was soon apparent that anyone could benefit from Multiple Natures—regardless of nationality or age. So, in 2015 he founded Multiple Natures International to bring his human alignment tools to the world.

Today, Steven resides in Cambodia where he serves as CEO of MNI, and continues his exploration of ancient Eastern wisdom and its application to helping people become more aligned.

The Progression of Multiple Natures International


MNI Partner
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Strong Multiple Natures
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  • Adventurous

Rytis Jurkenas was a recent medical graduate when Lithuania gained its independence in 1991. But the opening of the country afforded him the opportunity to explore his true passions. Through his love of travel, cultures, and people, he honed an extremely rare skill of cultivating value—bringing out the best of people, possibilities, and resources. Simply put, Rytis possesses a rare talent to recognize the immense value within ideas, people, and creations, and is able to help guide and unleash potential wherever he applies his attention.

In his quest to further his knowledge of healing and Eastern thinking, Rytis attended a lecture on Multiple Natures by Steven Rudolph in Vilnius. After the talk, they spoke and realized their visions aligned: Steven's tools and framework and Rytis' ability to extract and add value was a match for exciting collaboration. In 2017, Rytis Jurkenas joined Multiple Natures International as a partner to provide expertise to the organization in the area of sales, marketing, and operations.

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