align YOUR potential!

Help yourself quickly adapt to life's rapid changes—and thrive! Multiple Natures saves you time in understanding your potential and provides deep insights that will empower you in your career and everyday life!

align YOUR potential!

Help yourself quickly adapt to life's rapid changes—and thrive! Multiple Natures saves you time in understanding your potential and provides deep insights that will empower you in your career and everyday life!

Core Benefits

Tools that Combine East and West

Multiple Natures is built on a powerful framework that combines Western psychology and Eastern Wisdom.

Infinite Applications

Can be used to aid in challenges related to career discovery, job transition, recruitment, life balance and much much more!

A Unique Way of Measurement

The first tools to use the Multiple Natures Framework and Live Assessment for self-discovery and alignment.

What clients ARE sayING


Gabby Eagle

Graduate Student. Chapel Hill, USA

"I took the MNTEST at a pivotal period in my life. I had just experienced a separation, I was in an emotionally unfulfilling job, and I felt lost in terms of my passion and purpose. The results of my MNTEST helped me to re-focus on areas of life that bring me joy and feed my soul. This realization ultimately led to my decision to go back to school to pursue a graduate degree in one of my career matches!"

Simer Sokhi

Indian Classical Dancer. Punjab, India

"I always wanted to become a dancer, though my parents were pushing me toward engineering. My parents were resisting my idea, but I took the MNTEST and it recommended “dancing” as a profession. With the test results, I got my parents to agree, and as a result, I can say that I am living my dream. I am now the world’s second-best Sikh Bharatnatyam dancer. And if everything goes well soon will be the world’s first Sikh male kathak dancer."

Lesley Johnson

CEO, Lucido Luxe Puerto. Vallarta, Mexico

"The complexity of the knowledge base that filters through so much existing psychology, potential, aptitude tests, etc. I will always filter my decisions in work around my results. It makes so much sense! I realized that I need to hire a business partner or manager and optimize my leadership skills to flow. I really gained insight into flow theory. Something I haven't ever done and apparently needed. Damn, this was LIFE changing!!!!"

Jacob Meltzer

Co-Owner of Keep it Cut. Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"I really enjoyed my Multiple Natures exploration. It helped me see more clearly where I currently focus my time and energy, and where I should be focusing my time and energy in order to best fulfill my potential, aka find my "flow"."

Dr. Mitali Verma

Bhiwani, India

"MNI was huge support at the hour of my greatest need. As a result of my MNTEST and counseling, I found the right path for my course of study. The great is news that I got the Swami Rama Award for the Best Medical Graduate in India 2015 from among 50,000 graduates from the President of India."

Justine Vandest

Montpellier, France

"MNTEST helped me understand how to reconnect with my life energy and how to align myself and live in harmony with the world."

Kuba Godawa

Poznan, Poland

"I find MNTEST helpful for two reasons: First, it validates with measurable precision my strong sides, and invalidates my bad feelings about not being so strong in the areas where my strengths are actually not present. The report helps me remind myself where my nature could be best applied so that I am in a state of flow. It was also very important that an MN Practitioner presented the results to me and talked me through them so that I didn't have to be creative in interpreting them."

Mael Jourda

Normandy, France

"MNTEST is vast and deep, but at the same time, it’s amazingly simple. Through my test and coaching, I was able to acquire many powerful tools that I use in my everyday life."

our story

A journey to help those on a journey.

In 1994, Steven Rudolph set out to create a school that would help every child understand their unique abilities. A trip to the Himalayas took him much further than he ever imagined. Discover the story behind our brand, and the exciting journey that helped shape Multiple Natures International with the powerful tools and frameworks we have today.

explore the core

The key concepts underlying Multiple Natures

Multiple Natures has been developed for over two decades and is based on the best practices of Western science and Eastern philosophy that is more than 5,000 years old.

for guidance professionals who seek more

The first Human Alignment Tools and Services

Now more than ever, people are looking inwards for answers to challenging life questions. Our pathbreaking Human Alignment Tools let you and your clients go deep—into the heart of their very Natures. Discover an entirely new approach to identifying potential and the ways to align it.

A pathbreaking psychometric test that enables clients to discover and align their unique abilities. Our reports with matching careers, tasks, and hobbies empower guidance and decision-making.

Workshops that help you discover your potential, the causes of misalignment, and how to "feed your tigers". Learn to collaborate more effectively based on your team member's unique Natures.

MN Training

Become a certified MN Practitioner or Trainer. Through our online course, help clients thrive by finding the alignment of their Natures. Certification is also available for MNLIFE Instructors.



Multiple Natures doesn't put you into boxes. It empowers you to break boxes open. Find out the way how you can easily use MN to be all you can be at every step of your journey.


Multiple Natures is used by a wide range of professionals to bring the best out in others. Whether it's students choosing a career path, professionals in transition, or retirees planning for their golden years, MN has something powerful to offer for anyone looking to engage their potential more fully.

Life Coaches

Quickly get to the heart of who your clients are, and help them take better decisions at every step.

Human Resource Professionals

Recruit with greater confidence with tools to get the right people in the right place.


Identify and engage talent, and bring out the best in everyone on your team.


Delegate the responsibilities that best match the strengths of your team members.

Career Counsellors

Identify or design job paths tailored to your clients' natural abilities.


Uncover your natural capacities and start taking decisions to get more aligned in work and play.

superior tools. superior results.

Increase Your Power To Guide.

Multiple Natures doesn't put your clients into boxes. It empowers them to break boxes open. Find out how MN can be integrated easily into your existing processes to help those you work with be all they can be—at every step of their journey.