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Certified MN Practitioner Course

Watch your clients thrive when you help them get aligned with their natural abilities!

As a guidance professional, you want your clients to thrive. So you need tools that get to the heart of who they are and empower them in making professionals and personal decisions at each step.

This 7-week MN Practitioner Course is an online certification program that trains professionals to implement the MNTEST—the first-of-its-kind Human Alignment Tool that makes use of the Multiple Natures and Multiple Intelligences frameworks. The MNTEST reveals your client’s natural abilities, providing fast, powerful insights on how they can best engage their potential.

Our program is based on the work of American educator, Steven Rudolph, who spent over 25 years in India and Asia, finding ways of connecting the best of Western science with Eastern Wisdom to help people lead more aligned and fulfilling lives. The knowledge, products, and training programs he has developed have benefitted over 150,000 people worldwide and are now available to you through the Multiple Natures Practitioner Course.

ICF CCE Accreditation

The Certified MN Practitioner course has been approved for 35 ICF Continuing Coach Education credits (9 credits of Core Competencies and 26 credits of Resource Development).

Who is it for?

Our program is ideal for all types of guidance professionals including:

  • Career counselors
  • Life coaches
  • Recruiters
  • HR professionals
  • Managers
  • Therapists
  • and anyone in need of guiding others to fulfill their potential

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • understand the concepts of Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures.
  • understand what Human Alignment Tools are and how they function.
  • administer the MNTEST to your clients and generate personalized MN Profiles.
  • manage the MN Dashboard system.
  • perform a one-on-one assessment with clients to determine the potential of their intelligences and natures.
  • interpret your clients’ MN Profiles (with matching tasks, careers, and hobbies).
  • apply Multiple Natures results to your counseling or coaching practice.
  • apply powerful questioning techniques to assist the client towards solutions and effective actions.


By becoming a Certified MN Practitioner and learning to use our innovative Human Alignment Tools, you will be able to:

  • save time by instantly knowing your client’s natural abilities and tendencies of behavior (i.e., 19 Multiple Natures and Multiple Intelligences).
  • identify where their overutilized and underutilized potential lies.
  • be able to help your client make decisions about better engaging their potential.
  • access our Activity Alignment Database with over 1200 careers, tasks, and hobbies.
  • identify precisely where careers and tasks do not align with your clients’ natural abilities.

You will also be able to help clients:

  • make choices that align their natural abilities and tendencies with their professional and personal activities (careers, tasks, hobbies).
  • understand possible reasons for stress, procrastination, and burnout.
  • identify likely causes of interpersonal conflict and solutions that may lead to improvement of relationships at home and in the workplace.
  • become more productive by applying strategies that effectively engage their natures and intelligences.
  • identify why specific career choices, roles, or tasks are better or worse for them than others.
  • make recommendations that have a profound and lasting impact on your clients’ lives.

Where and how

This course is conducted online via Zoom. Participants will require an Internet-enabled computer or laptop and web browser to attend.

Course Length

This 7-week online course introduces to the fundamentals of MN theory and using the tool in day-to-day practice. There are seven weekly online sessions.


English Program USD 2450

French Program Eur 2600

Fee includes 10 MNTESTs, worth USD/EUR 700

Prerequisites for becoming an MN Practitioner

In order to join the course, you are required to have at least 2 years of experience as a guidance professional in the field of coaching, counseling, psychology, human resource management, or related consultancy practice. If you don’t have enough experience, you will be permitted to take the course and will be certified, but will not be permitted to practice until you obtain a coaching or counseling certification from a recognized institution.


The requirements for course certification are as follows. Students must:

  • Finish the MN Practitioner course.
  • Pass a final exam, which has three parts:
  • Part 1: Online Theory Assessment, which is about 40 questions and takes about 45 minutes to complete.
  • Part 2: Evaluation of Students’ Live Assessment. Students must record an MNTEST with a client (preferably the 5th to 7th client) and submit it to their instructor, who provides feedback on their performance during a one-on-one session. Based on the input, they must improve their Live Assessment skills for Part 3 and 4.
  • Part 3: Practical Exam (60 minutes). This test is done after the students complete 10 MNTESTs, where the instructor tests their practical skills.

Upon successfully passing, they receive their printed MN Practitioner Certificate.

About the Facilitator

Steven Rudolph is an American educator and entrepreneur who is the creator of the Multiple Natures concept and founder of Multiple Natures International. Steven spent over two decades in India and Asia and has worked with hundreds of organizations, companies, life coaches, psychologists, and educators in the pursuit of human alignment. These include Apple Computer, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Intel, the World Bank, UNESCO, and others. It was the richness of these experiences that led to the development of MNIs powerful and innovative Human Alignment Tools that are today empowering guidance professionals and individuals throughout the world.

Program Elements

These are the elements that comprise the MN Practitioner course.

Online Course Materials

These pertain to the modules in the course. They contain content in the MN Academy, our Learning Management System. These consist of digital content that has to be read weekly.

Course Documents

There are a number of course documents that students will need read during the course. The materials are available in a Google Drive folder that will be shared with students.

Online Classes

Online classes are the live sessions with the Practitioner Trainer:

  • one session – Course Overview, that lasts 45 minutes.
  • five sessions lasting 90 minutes each.
  • a final session lasting 180 minutes.

Course Assignments

Course assignments are the homework students will do weekly for each Module. It is essential for them to complete their assignments on time and to stay up to date so they don’t fall behind in the program.

Course Quizzes

At the end of each module there is an online quiz that checks to ensure students mastered the key terms and concepts of the module.

Course Sessions

There are 7 sessions on this course: 1 course overview session and 6 modules.

Sessions Title Topics
Overview Course Overview This session serves as an introduction to the course—as a means of setting the pace for the journey on which participants about to embark.
Module 1 Course Introduction In this module participants will get first insights of what is Multiple Natures, MNTEST and other important concepts.
Participants will cover topics like:

  • a background of MN and the origins of MNTEST
  • MNTEST uniqueness and scope of usage
  • the concept of Multiple Intelligences
  • the theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner
  • the concept of Svastha from the Charak Samhita
  • the concept of Svabhav from the Charak Samhita and the concept of Multiple Natures by Steven Rudolph
  • the concept of Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • the concept of Alignment by Steven Rudolph
  • Module 2 Multiple Intelligences In this module, participants will learn:
  • the basics of the Multiple Intelligences theory
  • the details regarding each of the 10 Multiple Intelligences
  • Module 3 Multiple Natures In this module, participants will understand:
  • what Multiple Natures are
  • how the Multiple Natures were derived

  • Also, the ins and outs of the MN Dashboard will be presented in the third module.
    Module 4 Feed Your Tigers concept
    Critical, Supportive Intelligences and Natures
    In this module, participants will learn:

  • how Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures relate to each other
  • how MIs and MNs are related to work and activities
  • how MIs and MNs can be personified as Tigers
  • how the Feed Your Tigers Analogy works
  • the relationship between Tigers and Swastha
  • Module 5 Live Assessment Protocol In this module, participants will know, how to:

  • identify and explain what Part 3, the Live Assessment is about
  • build a deeper, trust-based relationship with the client
  • encourage clients to focus on self-analysis, self-awareness, and self-development
  • identify and locate the tools participants need to perform a Live Assessment
  • prepare a client for the Live Assessment
  • understand things that can affect a client’s scores
  • make use of a variety of Live Assessment techniques in determining a client’s scores
  • create a contract for the interaction and for long-term cooperation
  • ask effective open-ended questions
  • know how to formulate an effective goal of the consultation
  • gain prioritization skills
  • identify how you could use the MNTEST in your professional practice
  • Module 6 The Personal Explanation In this module, participants will learn to:

  • identify and explain the aspects of Part 4, the Personal Explanation
  • explain to their client the connection between MIs and MNs and activities (such as in jobs and tasks)
  • explain the Water Tanks analogy to client
  • explain the Feed Your Tigers analogy to a client
  • explain the concept of “potential” to a client
  • explain the concept of alignment to a client with respect to careers, tasks, and hobbies

  • Further steps

    Multiple Natures International offers a dynamic growth path for professionals interested in expanding their knowledge, skills, and expertise in using MN related tools and programs.

    Levels of Certification

    The following are our Five Levels of Certification:

    • MN Practitioner
    • Advanced MN Practitioner
    • Professional MN Practitioner
    • Master MN Practitioner
    • MN Practitioner Trainer

    Other courses:

    • MNTEST Group Edition course
    • MNLIFE instructor Course
    Title Trainer Language Start Date Duration Price
    MN Practitioner Course June 18, 2024 Sacha Lacoste French June 18, 2024 8 weeks Eur 2600 Register Ask question
    MN Practitioner Course November 12, 2024 Sacha Lacoste French November 12, 2024 8 weeks Eur 2600 Register Ask question