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MNTEST Benefits

Not all tools are alike. And the MNTEST is not your ordinary psychometric test. It has a number of attributes that put it in a class by itself.

Below are a number of key benefits of this extraordinary human alignment tool.


The better you understand yourself, the better the decisions you can make for your life. However, the task of knowing who you are is difficult because of how complex we are as human beings. There are so many aspects of our biology and psychology that form our identities that it is impossible for any single model or tool to sufficiently help us define who we are.

Here are a number of reasons why individuals and guidance professionals choose the MNTEST as their first choice in psychometric assessments:

It is easy to implement

Our online assessments are simple to take. Click on the “Start Test” icon in your email invitation, and you begin right away. Our test items are written in clear, unambiguous language, and users constantly comment not only how easy and straightforward the test is, but also how enjoyable they find the process. Further, guidance professionals state unequivocally that MN helps them understand their clients faster and more deeply than any other.

It is easy to understand, remember, and apply

Many personality assessments include complicated terminology and concepts that users find difficult to understand. Within weeks or months, they forget about the meaning of their results and fail to apply them in any substantial way. Users of MN consistently find their results easy to understand and recall for much longer than other assessments. And most importantly, they find it significantly easier to apply the tests’ findings to solving their personal and professional challenges.

It has an unprecedented level of precision

While some tools may give broad indications about, for instance, whether a job or task is a good match for you, only the MNTEST can pinpoint not only to what degree it matches, but also specifically where it will create friction for you. It can also detect where abilities may be underutilized—untapped potential—so you can make choices and adjustments to your work-life balance to ensure your entire range of intelligences and natures are engaged and aligned.

It has wide applications across all age groups

Most personality assessments have a limited range of use. MN has been successfully used in dozens of contexts to aid in challenges related to teen guidance, careers, job transition, recruitment, outplacement, team building, management, workplace coaching, life balance, psychotherapy, retirement planning, and relationship counseling—just to name a few. Further, MN tools have been used in educational settings with children as young as 2.5 years old and with adults as young as 95!

Our model truly expresses your uniqueness

While some tools categorize you in a limited number of personality types or “boxes”, MN has a level of definition that expresses your abilities in over 10 quadrillion (10,000,000,000,000,000) possible combinations. That’s more than the number of stars in our galaxy!