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MNTEST Group Edition Course

Multiple Natures International offers a dynamic growth path for MN Practitioners to deepen their skills and expanding their consultation areas using MN tools.

MNTEST Group Edition® is a product that enables you to perform the MNTEST with groups of people. It is a special extension to our standard one-on-one product that opens up entirely new possibilities for your work with MN. MNTEST Group Edition is especially useful for working with schools, universities, and organizations, or in workshop scenarios, where there are many people whose scores need to be presented in a short period of time, and where budgets do not permit individual tests.

Who is it for?

This course is for Certified MN Practitioners who would like to administer the MNTEST while working with groups.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to understand, how:

  • to use the MNTEST Group software for creating groups, sending invitations, and generating reports.
  • to conduct a group Live Assessment and Group Explanation.
  • to provide a Final MN Report (5-pages) with the Top 10 Matching Tasks, 10 Least Matching Tasks, and Top 10 Matching Hobbies.

Where and How?

This is a self-paced course that participants can attend via the MN Academy. Participants will require an Internet-enabled computer or laptop and web browser to attend.

Course Length

  • There are 4 self-paced modules in this course that take 3.5 hours to complete.
  • Participants must conduct a MNTEST Group Edition (approx. 1 hour)
  • Final Exam (Theory and Practical) 2 hours


EUR 500


Completing this course provides participants with qualification that may be used toward their Advanced MN Practitioner Certification or Professional MN Practitioner Certification. MNTEST Group Edition Course is also a prerequisite for becoming a Certified MNLIFE Instructor.

Program Elements

These are the elements that comprise the MNTEST Group Edition course.

Online Course Modules

There are 4 modules at this course that the participant undertakes via the MN Academy:

Modules Title Topics Time
Module 1 Overview and Process • Course Overview
• Purpose and process
30 min
Module 2 Group Edition Software • How to use the MNTEST for Groups
• Creating Groups
• Sending Invites
• Updating Scores
• Generating Reports
60 min
Module 3 Live Assessment • Live Assessment Protocol 60 min
Module 4 Group Explanation • Group Explanation Protocol 60 min

Course Documents

There are a number of course documents that students will need read during the course. The materials are available in a Google Drive folder that will be shared with students at the time of joining the course.

Course Assessments

Participants have two assessments in this course: a written exam and a practical. The written exam consists of a 20-question multiple choice test. For the practical exam, the participant must record a Group Live Assessment which will be evaluated by the course instructor (1.5 hours).

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