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Workshops for individual and team alignment.

In the face of uncertainty, MNLIFE workshops prevail, equipping you with with the power of Alignment. Discover the 5,000-year old secrets of internal balance that reduce conflict, mitigate stress, and enable everyone to tap into their potential—individually and collectively.

MNLIFE Benefits

Gain MN Vision

Get a new set of eyes as you uncover your abilities and the causes of your misalignment—and others' as well!

Feed Your Tigers

Learn how to best engage your tigers—your natural abilities—so they devour work and not you or your colleagues.

Right People, Right Place

Learn how to delegate tasks based on people's Natures and watch work get done with greater speed and joy.

MNLIFE Corporate

As a corporate leader, you do all you can to ensure your team is equipped to adapt to the frequent changes and uncertainty that your organization faces. MNLIFE Corporate workshops can be conducted exclusively for your employees and management both onsite and online.


Empower your team members as they discover their unique abilities and how to combine them for greater results. Organized at a location of your choice.


Host a virtual workshop and help your team leverage their natural abilities—from wherever they are in the world. Ideal for distributed companies.


MNLIFE Open workshops provide individuals the chance to discover their Natures and understand the key concepts of alignment. They are organized both online and onsite by MNLIFE Instructors around the world.


Our interactive face-to-face sessions create an ideal environment to discover and align your Nature while tapping into the power of the group.


Four online sessions from the comfort of your home or office. Discovering and aligning your unique Nature has never been easier!


The MNLIFE Workshop consists of four modules, each 3 hours in length. You will will move through the program building on your understanding of your Nature, learning how to become more aligned, how to nurture your natural abilities, and communicate authentically with colleagues and others.

MODULE 1: Discover Your Nature (3 hrs)

Explore the building blocks of your Nature—the 10 Multiple Intelligences and 9 Multiple Natures. You'll learn how these qualities incline you towards different types of activities and discover the basis of your potential.

MODULE 2: Align Your Nature (3 hrs.)

Once you discover your unique Nature, you'll explore how to align your Nature with whatever you do. You'll gain new vision for making career decisions, engaging unused potential, and finding life balance.

MODULE 3: Feed Your Tigers (3 hrs.)

Natures and intelligences are like tigers—and all tigers need to eat! Explore the concepts of misalignment and flow, ensuring that your tigers eat the right amount. You'll also learn to delegate responsibility based on others' tigers.

MODULE 4: Natural Communication (3 hrs.)

Our worldviews and behavior are shaped by our unique Natures. In this session, you'll learn to recognize others' innate tendencies and how to anticipate and accommodate their natural responses to situations.

What people are saying about MNLIFE


Sacha Lacoste

MNLIFE Instructor. Lyon, France

"MNLIFE is based on innovative concepts that reduce and team conflicts the rate of burnout. This simple and powerful approach offers a new way of working, more aligned, more efficient. It brings companies to better overall health and sustainability. By applying this tool, employees and teams are more fulfilled and perform even better."


MNLIFE Instructor. Vevey, Suisse

"Being a MNLIFE Instructor is extremely gratifying because it enables me to share the power of the Multiple Natures with others and bring participants something really new with the concept Alignment. It's the best way to help people feed their tigers--to fully engage their natural abilities--and especially provide them with the opportunity to discover a new way of communicating through Natural Communication."

Elvija Petkevičienė

MNLIFE Participant

"The greatest value of MNLIFE workshop is the perception and acceptance of ourself other people; MI’s
and MN’s. With these invisible glasses, it is much easier to see and understand people, their thinking,
their actions, model relationships, to share tasks, responsibilities, and do not condemn a person by his or
her nature. These glasses would be of value for anyone, but they are especially recommended for all
managers and those who work with people."

Asta Valaitytė-Brish

MNLIFE Participant, HR specialist

"I found it really valuable not only to hear the theoretical principles of MNLIFE, but also to see/imagine how they occur in real situations. It was really amazing to realize that I can now evaluate my personal situations, which were once unclear, through the prism of MNLIFE. And discover answers to long-standing questions about myself, the behavior of my loved ones, communication with colleagues. I would recommend this workshop to group leaders, heads of departments/divisions who face day-to-day delegation issues, solve team-building problems, as well as anyone who does not find their place in the organization or is considering their career prospects."

Danguolė Armanavičiūtė

MNLIFE Participant, Head of HR

"An amazing workshop! I discovered my "tigers" and how to manage and motivate them so that I can reach alignment. MNLIFE would be very useful for every top manager to better understand their employees. It can help with staff selection, giving feedback, performance appraisal, and career planning. Project managers could understand the strengths and weaknesses of their team members and allocate responsibilities and tasks more effectively."

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Become an MNLIFE Instructor

Bring the power of alignment to groups you work with by becoming certified as an MNLIFE Instructor. You can lead individuals and teams through our online and onsite workshops, and help participants engage their potential like never before.

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