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What MN Practitioners are saying


Paula Z


I gained a lot of wisdom and tools to choose the right career path. I achieved a clear vision of what my future job is going to be, and I am thankful for that. The whole course was very well planned out, and everything was explained in a way that is easy to understand. I want to say a big thank you to Steven. I know what my true passion is because of the test and this course. I would not have been able to do it alone. Thank you!

Marta B


I can’t tell you the feeling of relief that I have after my son has completed the MNCAREERS course. After many years of disagreement and confusion, he finally has an exact direction for his career. Every child needs to take this course!

Klavs A


This course provided me with confidence in my career choice and I dove deeper into myself and I understood what it will take to fulfill my goals. I liked this course because I felt like for the first time someone was serious about this and tried to squeeze the essence out of me. This course kinda made me go out of my comfort zone and think further than just what university or college I want to go to. Big thanks to you, I enjoyed it! :)

David C


When it looked like things were in the darkest hour, Steven was there to help our son find himself and his career direction. We are eternally grateful for the gift you have given him—and for the peace of mind, we have gained from this life-changing experience.

30+ years of wisdom packed into 6 modules

Your child will understand their unique talents, identify an ideal career, and find clear direction for their future.


Module 1 - Getting Ready for Your Journey

In this module your child will get an orientation to the program–the tools, methods, and materials. They will meet the other participants and share their reasons for joining the course. Finally, they will define a clear objective for this course to ensure they have a concrete goal to aim for.

Module 2 - Discovering Your Unique Set of Abilities

In this module, your child will identify their unique talents and understand where their innate potential lies. They will also learn how abilities connect to careers–how each type of work requires a specific set of capabilities. This is their first step into discovering why some careers will be ideal for them, while others won’t lead them to success.

Module 3 - Making successful Career Choices

Your child is now ready to narrow down their selection of possible job types—from thousands of choices to a handful of options that truly align with their innate potential. They will then make a specific choice that they feel most closely matches their aspirations.

Module 4 - Choosing Specific Knowledge for Your Path

There are many possible paths to each career type. Here, your child will consider the “specific knowledge” and academic requirements they will need to pursue their career. Then, based on their personal preferences, they will decide the optimal route to their goal.

Module 5 - Checking the Feasibility of Your Career Choice

Once a career and route have been determined, your child will perform a feasibility check to ensure their choices are practical. They will consider the key factors that are necessary for them to achieve success by heading down that particular route. It’s a powerful reality check that helps them evaluate their choices so they can commit to this direction with full confidence.

Module 6 - Putting Your Plan into Action

Finally, your child will create a concrete career plan that encapsulates their learning, and maps out their route to success. They will receive feedback on their plan from the course instructor as well as their peers, which provides them essential feedback to enrich their understanding and strengthen their resolve as they complete the program ready to take on the world with their new career direction.

The Power of the MNTEST

Your child will take our pathbreaking psychometric assessment–the MNTEST–to discover their individual talents. Our advanced technology can specify 10 quadrillion possible profiles ensuring that your child’s unique abilities are precisely identified.

Every module contains

How Does it Work?

Live Classes Online

Your child will engage in 6 live classes with a motivated cohort of students.

Expert Guidance

Career expert Steven Rudolph will be guiding your child at every step of the way.

A Powerful Approach

Our unique method consists of presentations, assignments, and coaching that inspire and deliver results.

Tools for Success

The pathbreaking MNTEST reveals your child’s talents and best career options.

Steven Rudolph

About Us

The MNCAREERS course was created by Steven Rudolph, an American educator with over 30 years of experience working with guiding students in their careers.

He started his career by creating a school focused on helping every child identify their uniqueness and choose their career paths accordingly.

The institute grew to over 2,000 students, and he decided to bring his innovative method of career choice to the world.

Since then, our tools and methods have been used by over 200,000 individuals worldwide in helping them make better decisions about their careers and lives.

We Guarantee

  • Clear and sure-fire method to choose your ideal career
  • Know how your innate talents can be best applied towards your career
  • Short-list of 3 ideal careers that will bring you joy/pleasure
  • Find a career path that you’ll truly enjoy

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  • 6 modules
  • Online community group
  • Meaningful assignments
  • An instructor-led online class
  • Personal reflection from tutor
  • Receive a clear career path
  • Short-list of 3 ideal careers that will bring you joy & success
  • Discover your innate talents

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course take place?

Timetable A:
Module 1 - November 8th 8 pm - 9 pm EST
Module 2 - November 10th 8 pm - 9 pm EST
Module 3 - November  15th 8 pm - 9 pm EST
Module 4 - November 17th 8 pm - 9 pm EST
Module 5 - November 22nd 8 pm - 9 pm EST
Module 6 - November 24th 8 pm - 9 pm EST

What happens if I miss the class?

All sessions are recorded, so you can catch the replay of the class you missed at any time.

Who is leading the course?

Steven Rudolph, the founder of MNI and creator of MNCAREERS and MNTEST.

Who is the course for?

High school students, age 14-18. Exceptions can be made for students who are slightly older.

Where does the course take place?

Online via Zoom.