MN in Schools

The Multiple Natures in Schools program is designed to prepare students for an AI-driven future filled with careers beyond our imagination.

At the heart of our program lies the innovative concept of Multiple Natures (MN), a groundbreaking approach to understanding and nurturing individual talents.


A comprehensive tool delivering detailed student profiles.

Matching Reports

Tailored suggestions for careers, tasks, and leisure activities, connecting students' talents to real-world possibilities.

Intuitive Dashboard

Simplifies program management, offering a clear view of student progress.

Dynamic Training for Counselors

Ensures proficiency in harnessing the full potential of MN tools.

Resource-Rich Webinars

Regular online sessions to keep the school community engaged and informed.

Curriculum Integration Tools

Innovative resources to weave MN concepts seamlessly into everyday learning.

Who is it for?

MN in Schools creates value for the entire school community, empowering students and those who support them.

For Principals:

Positions your school as a trailblazer in innovative education, ensuring your confidence and future-readiness.

For Guidance Counselors:

Saves you time in the counseling process, offering data-driven insights for efficient student support.

For Parents:

Provides clarity in understanding their child's potential, aligning aspirations with real-world possibilities.

For Students:

Builds self-confidence and direction, turning aspirations into actionable plans for a fulfilling future.


Tonya J


Implementing the Multiple Natures program transformed our school's approach to career guidance. It's not just a tool; it's a revolution in understanding and nurturing student potential."

Damian L.

Guidance Counselor

The MNTEST has been a game-changer. It's like having a GPS for each student's career path – accurate, personalized, and incredibly useful.

Valerie G.


"Seeing my child's confidence bloom as they explored careers aligned with their true nature was a heartwarming experience. Thank you, MN Schools!"

Tiana R.

Grade 11 Student

Before MN, I was unsure about my future. Now, I feel like I have a clear path ahead of me. It's exciting to see a career that matches who I am.

Embracing the Full Spectrum of Potential

Discover Multiple Natures — a groundbreaking extension of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences framework.

The MN approach delves into both the intellectual and intrinsic natures of students, reshaping education. The framework illuminates their innate potential to help them make the ideal choices at every step of their life journey.

Security and Compliance: A Commitment to Trust

At Multiple Natures Schools, we understand the importance of protecting students' personal information.

Our program strictly follows COPPA and FERPA guidelines, ensuring the secure handling of student data. By adhering to these standards, we create a safe and trustworthy environment for students to explore their future paths without compromising their privacy.

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