MN in Schools

The Multiple Natures in Schools program is designed to prepare students for an AI-driven future filled with careers beyond our imagination.

We understand the challenges that come with nurturing and guiding young minds.

The MN in Schools program is made to complement your expertise with innovative tools and insights, ensuring every student can find their path with confidence and clarity.

Benefits of our counselor training

This self-paced, 3-hour online course provides you with a thorough understanding of the Multiple Natures framework and the skills to navigate the MNTEST software.

Comprehensive Understanding

Learn the ins and outs of the MNTEST to uncover the unique talents of each student.

Software Mastery

Gain confidence in managing the platform, from issuing tests to interpreting complex reports.

Actionable Insights

Develop the expertise to translate test results into meaningful career guidance.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from additional resources and support to ensure you're never left in the dark.

Gain insights

The most thorough way to get precise insights into each student's unique potential.

Educational Webinars

Learning opportunities to stay updated on career guidance practices.

Supportive Resources

A diverse collection of materials to aid the counseling process.

Personalized Reports

Detailed assessments to facilitate meaningful student guidance.

Extensive Database

A comprehensive repository of careers, tasks, and activities.

Core Tool

The Value of the MNTEST

The MNTEST assessment offers an insightful analysis of each student's unique talents. It delves into 19 distinct areas, uncovering the innate abilities that shape a student's aptitude and interests.

Here's how the MNTEST integrates into your school's curriculum:

Graphical Interface

The MNTEST generates in-depth profiles for each student, providing a clear picture of their abilities and potential career paths.

Personalized Reports

The test goes beyond assessment, offering tailored reports that align students' talents with suitable careers, tasks, and leisure activities.

Seamless Integration

Designed for simplicity, the MNTEST fits into your existing guidance process, enhancing your school's approach to career counseling without overburdening you.

Access Your Guidance Essentials

Explore our extensive Resource Section, tailored for counselors seeking to deepen their understanding and application of the Multiple Natures framework:

Implementation Guides:

Download comprehensive guides for a smooth integration of MN into your counseling process.

Inspirational Case Studies:

Gain insights from real-life applications of MN in various educational settings.

Sample MNTEST Reports:

Familiarize yourself with the detailed student profiles generated by the MNTEST.

Unlock the potential of every student through a highly personalized approach.

Grounding Dreams with Evidence

MN matches students' aspirations with their innate talents, fostering genuine interest instead of fleeting trends.

Expectation Management

MN offers students a realistic perspective, guiding them toward paths compatible with their academic abilities.

Extensive Career Database

An array of over 800 options in the MN database lets students of all levels find a career that suits them — beyond just the mainstream.

Tailored Job Suggestions

Customizable filters refine MN's job recommendations, making career exploration efficient and focused for every student.

Visualize the Ideal Career Fit

MN graphic representations show how students' abilities correlate with career paths, offering visual aid for better decision-making.


Luisa P.

Career Guidance Leader

MN has infused vibrancy into our career talks. I had a breakthrough with a reticent sophomore who couldn't see beyond conventional roles; MN's insights steered him towards environmental engineering – a perfect blend of his passion and talents.

Jake S.

Youth Mentor

Simplicity is key. MN's straightforward approach demystifies career planning. It's rewarding to see students pivot from confusion to clarity.

Dr. Anika B.

Academic Dean

As an educator with a focus on evidence-based practices, MN resonates with me profoundly. The detailed reports have provided a scaffold for robust career discussions, especially noteworthy was the time a skeptical student found affirmation in her scientific aspirations through her MN profile.

Maria V.

School Counselor

MN isn't just about careers; it's about self-discovery. A shy student, unsure of her place, found her calling in graphic design, aligning her creative prowess with MN's personalized guidance. The joy in her realization was palpable.

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