MN in Schools

The Multiple Natures in Schools program is designed to prepare students for an AI-driven future filled with careers beyond our imagination.

The concept of Multiple Natures is built on the belief that each person possesses a unique blend of innate abilities. These 'natures' are key to unlocking their full potential.

Aligning educational paths with these traits enhances academic engagement, empowering students for fulfilling careers and paving the way for future success.

Core Tool


The MNTEST assessment offers an insightful analysis of each student's unique talents.

It delves into 19 distinct areas, uncovering the innate abilities that shape their personality. Here's how the MNTEST seamlessly integrates into your school's curriculum:

Detailed Student Profiles

The MNTEST generates in-depth profiles for each student, providing a clear picture of their strengths and potential career paths.

Matching Reports

The program goes beyond assessment, offering tailored reports that align students' talents with suitable careers, tasks, and leisure activities.

Easy Implementation

Designed for simplicity, the MNTEST fits into existing guidance systems, improving your school's approach to career counseling without overburdening staff.

Supporting Educational Goals

By aligning with students' natural abilities, the MNTEST supports broader educational objectives, fostering a space where students thrive academically and personally.

How this will benefit your school

Educational Leadership

Bring your school to the cutting edge with this innovative method of career discovery.

Boost Student Confidence

The program empowers students with self-knowledge, increasing their confidence and direction.

Better Student Outcomes

Students who connect with their natural talents tend to show improved academic performance and positive behavioral changes.

Efficient Career Guidance

MN streamlines career guidance, enabling counselors to provide more personalized, impactful advice.

Overall Student Satisfaction

Aligning students' talents with their future paths leads to higher engagement, creating a more fulfilling educational experience.

With MN, your school not only enhances the student journey but also solidifies its role as a leader in education.

Initial steps


Adopting the Multiple Natures program in your school is a structured, step-by-step process, designed to ensure seamless integration and maximum effectiveness.

1. Coordinator Initiation

We start by appointing a dedicated coordinator from your team to champion the MN program within your school.

2. Team Selection

Together, we identify a group of counselors and staff who will take the lead in the MN program, fostering student growth.

3. Webinar Introduction

An engaging webinar introduces your staff to the program's goals and tools, setting the stage for success.

4. Empowering Training

Staff undergoes an in-depth 3-hour online MN Practitioner Training, backed by a comprehensive webinar walkthrough.

5. Dashboard Activation

Your school's custom MN Dashboard comes to life, loaded and ready with all necessary resources for the program's takeoff.

6. MNTEST Rollout

Students engage with the MNTEST, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and future planning.

7. Guided Counseling

Post-assessment, our tailored counseling program kicks off, leveraging MNTEST insights for student guidance.

8. Continuous Engagement

Regular webinars keep the conversation going, offering your team fresh insights, support, and collaborative opportunities.

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