Get certified TO USE our human alignment tools

How sweet it is to help others achieve their "aha moments".

Are you a guidance professional or instructor? Our Certification Programs help you guide your clients beyond the ordinary.

Some say they are transcendental.

Core Benefits

Know your clients faster

Save 5 to 15 hours in getting to know your clients so you spend more time in helping them solve their challenges.

Reveal your clients' inner maps

Don't just teach others to fish. Expose their inner maps so they can navigate their lives every step of the way.

Make the intangible concrete

When working at the intuitive level, you'll find MN's easy terms and concepts increase clarity and confidence.

Practitioner Training

The MN Practitioner Training Program equips you with the knowledge and skills to administer the MNTEST, interpret the results, and generate MN Reports. It's the ideal complement to your existing guidance practice. Then get ready for the compliments.

Become a Certified MN Practitioner

This 7-week training equips you with the tools and skills to implement the MNTEST with your clients and colleagues.

Become a Certified MN Trainer

Earn the distinction of training professionals to become Certified MN Practitioners. And spread the power of alignment further.

MNLIFE Training

By getting certified to lead MNLIFE Workshops, you will expand your training portfolio with a program that is unlike any you've ever encountered. Imagine luxuriating in guiding participants to align their Natures, "feed their tigers", and resolve conflicts with "Natural Communication". But why just imagine it when you can do it for real?

Become an MNLIFE Instructor

Lead both online and onsite workshops that help individuals discover their Natures, get aligned, engage potential, and communicate authentically.

Become a MNLIFE Instructor Trainer

Teach the highest level of our concepts and methods, and lead others to become Certified MNLIFE Instructors. For both online and onsite programs.

Share the gift of alignment.

In the face of our chaotic, fast paced world, Multiple Natures stands apart in helping people make the best possible decisions at every step of their life journey. You deserve such tools—and so do your clients!

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Based on the Multiple Natures Framework, our pathbreaking Human Alignment Tools and programs provide insights that will strengthen your ability to lead others to greater efficiency, achievement, and satisfaction.

Learn more about how Multiple Natures can bring your professional practice to a new level.

A pathbreaking psychometric test that enables clients to discover and align their unique abilities. Our reports with matching careers, tasks, and hobbies empower guidance and decision-making.

Workshops that help you discover your potential, the causes of misalignment, and how to "feed your tigers". Learn to collaborate more effectively based on your team member's unique Natures.