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Certified MN Practitioner Trainer Course

The MN Practitioner Trainer Course is a certification program that qualifies individuals to train and certify MN Practitioners. This special course may be undertaken by MN Practitioners who have achieved a high-level of qualification and meet the prerequisites below.


The MN Practitioner Trainer Course is open to MN Professionals who have

  • received certification as MN Practitioners.
  • completed at least 108 one-on-one MNTESTs with clients.
  • completed the MNTEST Group Edition Course.
  • demonstrated experience/qualification as a professional trainer.

MN Practitioner Trainer Course Requirements

The candidate for this program must do the following:

  • Facilitate a MN Practitioner Training course (9 hours)
  • Undergo a 21-hour Training Program (21 hours)
  • Conduct one MN Practitioner Training Course (supervised) (9 hours)
  • Independently evaluate 3 MN Practitioner candidates (supervised) (8 hours)

A final evaluation/exam will be conducted with the MN Practitioner Trainer Candidate.

Time Requirement

Total Time required for training is approximately 47 hours.

Supervised time is approximately 17 hours

Cost of Training:

EUR 5,000

Conducting MN Trainings

After completing training and receiving certification, a MN Practitioner Trainer may independently organize MN Practitioner training programs. MN Practitioner Trainers are responsible for bringing their own students to train.

Additional Details upon request.