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The MN Dashboard: a Power Tool for MN Practitioners

When you become an MN Practitioner, you have access to the most powerful tools for helping your clients discover and align their Natures. The MN Dashboard is the online interface from where you will manage the process.

It is an interface for MN Practitioners and Licensees to manage

  • the issuance of MNTESTs
  • purchase and allocation of credits for the MNTEST
  • generation of reports

MN dashboard is easy to use and manage all the reports and information regarding clients and information.

This is the home page, where MN Practitioners could see information about their clients, credits.

MN Practitioners could review the status and the profile of each of their clients at any time

Invite their clients to do the MNTEST

MN Practitioners are able to form MI-MN scores in the form of Radar graph

Also to select the tasks from visually appealing list

And to select careers and hobbies from list

MN dashboard gives the ability for MN Practitioners to see the report of their own activity