Key Concepts

MN Framework

The MN Framework is dual set of personality traits created by Steven Rudolph in 2008 that is based on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory and Rudolph's own Multiple Natures (MN) theory.

Gardner's MI traits consists of 8 intelligences or abilities, which Rudolph has expanded to 10 in total. These are like channels through which energy flows.

Rudolph's MN traits consist of 9 natures or tendencies (how people tend to act). These are the ways in which people direct their energy.

Multiple Natures (MN) Framework by Steven Rudolph (2008)

How Intelligences and Natures Combine

Intelligences and natures have an interdependent relationship, where both elements must be present in order for an individual’s actions and intentions to be realized.

For instance, consider someone with a tendency to make others laugh due to their having a strong Entertaining Nature. If that person also has a strong Graphic Visual Intelligence, their humor might be directed through that channel and manifest in the form of cartoons. If their Interpersonal Intelligence is strong, their jesting would likely get routed through comical interactions with others. And if their Linguistic Intelligence were prodigious, their potential for amusement would tend to realize itself through activities such as poetry, song lyrics, scripts, and so on.

How the MN Framework is Used

Identification of one's unique Nature

When we talk about a "unique Nature" we are referring to the inherent, varying strengths of an individual's Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures. This can be determined by an individual taking the MNTEST.

Alignment of one's unique Nature

Once you determine an individual's unique Nature, you can then find ways of harmonizing it with different activities. That is, every activity requires specific MIs and MNs be engaged in order for it to be adequately performed. For example, the process of counseling or coaching demands the presence of the following:

  • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence
  • Educative Nature
  • Healing Nature

When a person naturally expresses these MIs and MNs to a high degree, it is easy and pleasurable for them to perform counseling or coaching activities.

The process of alignment involves understanding one's unique Nature and harmonizing it with different activities. For example, in helping someone choose a career, you would aim to ensure that the critical MIs and MNs they possessed were the same required with the job choice.