Key Concepts

Administrative Nature

Understanding an Administrative Nature

The tendency to focus on details, organize and get work accomplished, and delegate responsibility.

People with a strong Administrative Nature are good at delegating responsibility, even though they may require someone else to set the vision for them if they decide to take the behind-the-scenes role. They are detail-oriented people who have an innate urge to make plans and goals, and to see them through to completion. They are meticulous about details, and prove to be great taskmasters - creating to-do lists, schedules, and most importantly, deadlines.

Characteristics of an Administrative Nature

People with strong Administrative Nature are inclined to:

  • Set goals and make plans to achieve them
  • Make daily or weekly schedules
  • Regularly review their progress
  • Create to-do lists
  • Organize events
  • Find the most efficient way to get work done
  • Delegate responsibility to others

Traits of an Administrative Nature

  • Manages time
  • Manages others
  • Completes tasks
  • Works efficiently
  • Leverages people/abilities/resources
  • Prioritizes
  • Multitasks
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Removes obstacles
  • Encourages/Motivates others
  • Plans
  • Organizes (things, information)
  • Measures things (time, distance, resources, etc.)
  • Creates and follows systems
  • Makes decisions

Famous People with a High Administrative Nature

  • Tim Cook (COO of Apple Computer)
  • Napoleon Bonaparte (Political leader)
  • Nancy Pelosi (Political leader)
  • Vince Lombardi (Football coach)

Careers that correspond

Business controller, operations executive, sales manager, food court manager, quality control manager.

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