Key Concepts

Providing Nature

Understanding a Providing Nature

The tendency to invest one's time or interests to help, assist or care for others.

People with a strong Providing Nature have a built-in drive to serve others. They may be the ones who give others gifts, offer help when someone is in need, and so on. At a moment s notice, they get ready to put aside their own interests to help others, or to support a good cause. They take a keen interest in understanding the particular details about what makes someone else happy, and may even make an effort to remember and do those things   without being asked. They are able to project themselves into someone else’s mind, understand what they want and serve them accordingly.

Characteristics of a Providing Nature

People with strong Providing Nature are inclined to:

  • Serve others
  • Remember birthdays and anniversaries
  • Give gifts
  • Offer help when someone is in need
  • Put aside their own work or interests to assist others
  • Volunteer for social causes
  • Donate money or personal items to the needy

Traits of a Providing Nature

  • Senses others' needs
  • Serves others
  • Acts altruistically

Famous People with a High Providing Nature

  • Melinda Gates (philanthropist)
  • Mother Teresa (social worker)
  • Cesar Ritz (hotelier)
  • Nigella Lawson (chef)

Careers that correspond

Nurse, support engineer, integrated health clinician, customer support specialist.

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