Key Concepts

Healing Nature

Understanding a Healing Nature

The tendency to guide or help others recover from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual imbalance or pain.

People with a strong Healing Nature obtain the greatest pleasure from helping others stay healthy, fit and balanced. To them, the body, mind and soul are a fascinating world that needs to be explored and kept in balance. They are adept at assessing the energy in others, detecting blockages, and using a variety of tools and techniques to restore their systems and get their energy to flow freely.

Characteristics of a Healing Nature

People with strong Healing Nature are inclined to:

  • Help others stay healthy, fit and balanced
  • Assess the energy in others, detect blockages and suggest remedies
  • Take care of others when they are not well
  • Look into the health of elderly family members
  • Listen empathetically to people's physical or emotional problems and provide advice

Traits of a Healing Nature

  • Expresses an empathy for pain
  • Senses imbalance
  • Restores balance
  • Performs research

Famous People with high Healing Nature

  • Florence Nightingale (nurse)
  • Marie Curie (medical researcher)
  • Dr Andrew Weill (integrative medical practitioner)
  • Dr Brian Weiss (hypnotherapist)
  • Deepak Chopra (wellness guru)

Careers that correspond

Nurse, radiologist, integrated health clinician, veterinarian, physiotherapist, doctor, speech therapist.

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