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MNTEST Standard

Our four-step assessment that gets to the heart of who you are

At the center of the Multiple Natures System is the MNTEST—a 2-hour psychometric assessment based on the Multiple Natures Framework. This includes the 10 Multiple Intelligences (MIs) and 9 Multiple Natures (MNs).

The test is administered by MN Practitioners who are trained and certified by MNI and its qualified representatives.

The Four-Part Process

The MNTEST comprises a four-part assessment that helps identify the strength of each of 19 MIs and MNs through both digital and live assessment.

Part 1: Standard Assessment

You begin with the MN Standard Test—a 76-item online questionnaire (20 min).

Part 2: Adaptive Assessment

followed by the MN Adaptive Test, an algorithm-driven assessment that gets more accurate with each item you answer (10 min).

Part 3: Live Assessment

Next, your MN Practitioner conducts a live, one-on-one assessment that makes use of self-reflection through a guided interaction (60 min). This assessment provides an additional level of analysis that captures nuances and perspectives that transcend the digital domain. At this point the Practitioner triangulates the results, helping establish a precise, multi-dimensional perspective of your intelligences and natures—which forms your MN Profile. This unique profile of your personality becomes an asset that you can draw on whenever you need to make important decisions, either professional or personal.

The MN Profile

Your MN Profile consists of:

  • Scores of your 10 Multiple Intelligences
  • Scores of your 9 Multiple Natures
  • Graphs to help you visualize the strength of your abilities
  • A detailed explanation of each of your 19 MIs and MN

Part 4: Personal Explanation

Lastly, MN Practitioner provides a Personal Explanation of the client’s scores and their significance (30 min). The MN Practitioner shows the client Matching Careers, Tasks, and Hobbies, depending on the version of MNTEST. The practitioner then prints out the MN Report and/or emails it to the client. (The entire report is typically 30 pages, but depends on the number of careers, tasks and hobbies chosen.)

Personal Explanation

With your MN Profile complete, your MN Practitioner will conduct a 30-minute Personal Explanation with you to help you understand your results in greater depth. During this session, you will:

  • Understand what your test scores mean
  • Find out why you might be facing challenges in your current work activities
  • Identify where challenges might arise so you can handle them better
  • Determine basic strategies that will help you align your abilities
  • Uncover areas of potential that might be going underutilized

Matching Activities Report

After the MNTEST, you can receive a report that highlights all of your natures and intelligences. Our matching algorithm can find the best tasks, careers, and hobbies that align with your natural capacities. This includes:

Matching Careers

The top matching careers from a database of over 600 jobs. The radar graphs with overlapping feature let you see not only if the job matches your profile, but where it does and doesn’t.

Matching Tasks

A list of the top tasks from a database of over 200 of the most common work-related activities.

Matching Hobbies

Top suggestions from a collection of hobbies and leisure activities to help you discover ways to find life balance.

Why the MNTEST?

The better you understand yourself, the better the decisions you can make for your life. However, the task of knowing who you are is difficult because of how complex we are as human beings. There are so many aspects of our biology and psychology that form our identities that it is impossible for any single model or tool to sufficiently help us define who we are.

Here are a number of reasons why individuals and guidance professionals choose the MNTEST as their first choice in psychometric assessments:

It is easy to implement

Our online assessments are simple to take. Click on the “Start Test” icon in your email invitation, and you begin right away. Our test items are written in clear, unambiguous language, and users constantly comment not only how easy and straightforward the test is, but also how enjoyable they find the process. Further, guidance professionals state unequivocally that MN helps them understand their clients faster and more deeply than any other.

It is easy to understand, remember, and apply

Many personality assessments include complicated terminology and concepts that users find difficult to understand. Within weeks or months, they forget about the meaning of their results and fail to apply them in any substantial way. Users of MN consistently find their results easy to understand and recall for much longer than other assessments. And most importantly, they find it significantly easier to apply the tests’ findings to solving their personal and professional challenges.

It has an unprecedented level of precision

While some tools may give broad indications about, for instance, whether a job or task is a good match for you, only the MNTEST can pinpoint not only to what degree it matches, but also specifically where it will create friction for you. It can also detect where abilities may be underutilized—untapped potential—so you can make choices and adjustments to your work-life balance to ensure your entire range of intelligences and natures are engaged and aligned.

It has wide applications across all age groups

Most personality assessments have a limited range of use. MN has been successfully used in dozens of contexts to aid in challenges related to teen guidance, careers, job transition, recruitment, outplacement, team building, management, workplace coaching, life balance, psychotherapy, retirement planning, and relationship counseling—just to name a few. Further, MN tools have been used in educational settings with children as young as 2.5 years old and with adults as young as 95!

Our model truly expresses your uniqueness

While some tools categorize you in a limited number of personality types or “boxes”, MN has a level of definition that expresses your abilities in over 10 quadrillion (10,000,000,000,000,000) possible combinations. That’s more than the number of stars in our galaxy!