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Taking the MNTEST

The MNTEST is a 4-part personality assessment that identifies your unique abilities and helps you align them with your personal and professional activities. It is offered by guidance professionals (life coaches, career counselors) as well as by human resource professionals and managers who have been trained and certified by Multiple Natures International.

If you would like to take the MNTEST, you can do so by contacting a Certified MN Practitioner, or by contacting us.

Why is the MNTEST offered only through MN Practitioners and not directly online?

The MNTEST is not just a psychometric test. It is a personal development experience that provides you with powerful tools to understand your unique qualities. In addition to two separate online assessments, the test includes a live one-on-one assessment with an MN Practitioner.

While the two online assessments provide insights into your natural abilities, it is the live, one-on-one assessment that is the most important part of the process. During this one-hour interaction, the practitioner brings you through a guided self-reflection.

During this process, you will be rating 19 of your personality traits (i.e., 10 Multiple Intelligences and 9 Multiple Natures). The practitioner asks you a set of questions that gets you to think deeply about your abilities. During this time, you will:

  • verify things you knew about yourself
  • uncover things you didn't realize about yourself
  • discover misconceptions you had about yourself

Computers + Live Assessment = Deep Self-Discovery

While computers have demonstrated incredible capabilities for specific application (such as playing chess or answering specific questions in a limited context), we don't believe they are suitable for providing profound life guidance to human beings. With the MNTEST, we do leverage the power of technology in the first two parts of the assessment; these two evaluations provide some insights into your abilities based on the answers you provide.

But these inputs capture a limited view of who you are.

The practitioner takes into consideration the information collected during these two tests. They then perform a third assessment that is entirely different from the first two. During the Live Assessment, the type of dialogue and questioning that occurs is highly attuned to your situation, mood, and emotional state.

It's essential to be heard

Engaging in a one-on-one interaction with a practitioner enables you to be heard. Having a real person to speak with fosters genuine, empathetic understanding, which expands your capacity to explore yourself even more deeply.