MN in Schools

The Multiple Natures in Schools program is designed to prepare students for an AI-driven future filled with careers beyond our imagination.

In an AI-shaped world, preparing your child for the future is more challenging than ever.

The MNTEST offers a pioneering approach to this uncertainty, focusing on your child's inherent talents.

Unlike traditional methods, the MNTEST roots its analysis in the one true constant – your child's unique nature – paving a path for them to leverage their innate talents at every stage of life.

MN in Schools

As a parent, you play a vital role in shaping your child's future.
Multiple Natures offers a window into their innate talents, providing invaluable insights that set them up for career success.

Find Career Clarity

Identifies careers that align with their innate potential, steering them towards fulfilling paths.

Improve Academics

Connects their natural talents to learning, fostering deeper interest and focus in their studies.

Boost Confidence

Understanding their unique talents instills confidence, increasing their sense of self and responsibility.

Gain Motivation

Encourages self-awareness, allowing your child to recognize and value their unique abilities.

Be Future-Ready

Prepares them for an ever-changing world, where adaptability and self-knowledge are key.

Core Tool


The MNTEST assessment offers an insightful analysis of each student's unique talents. It delves into 19 distinct areas, uncovering the innate abilities that shape a student's aptitude and interests.

Here's how the MNTEST works with your school's curriculum:

Detailed Student Profiles

The MNTEST generates in-depth profiles for each student, providing a clear picture of their innate abilities and potential career paths.

Matching Reports

The test goes beyond assessment, offering tailored reports that align your child's talents with suitable careers, tasks, and leisure activities.

Graphical Interface

MNTEST graphic representations show how students' abilities correlate with career paths, offering visual aid for better decision-making.

Extensive Database

A wide array of over 800 career options allows students of all academic levels to find and ignite passion in careers that fit and suit them.

Benefits for parents

Navigating your child's future can be a daunting task. With MNTEST, you gain a powerful ally that empowers you with insights to support and guide your child.

Gain Meaningful Insights

Understand your child’s innate abilities, helping you steer their development in the right direction.

Get Tailored Guidance

Receive personalized recommendations, enabling you to support your child's interests in a more focused manner.

Enhance Communication

Facilitates better conversations with your child about their aspirations and potential career paths, fostering a closer bond.

Make Better Decisions

Feel more confident in your role as a guiding figure, with evidence-based insights to back your advice.

Find Peace of Mind

Experience the comfort of knowing you're providing the best support for your child's future, based on their unique profile.

Safeguarding Your Child’s Future and Privacy

At Multiple Natures Schools, we understand the importance of protecting students' personal information.

Our program aligns with COPPA and FERPA guidelines, ensuring the secure handling of student data. By adhering to these standards, we create a safe and trustworthy environment for students to explore their future paths without compromising their privacy.

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