Safeguarding the Future

At Multiple Natures International, we recognize that educational excellence lies not just in innovative tools but in the trust and security that surround them.

We are committed to ensuring the privacy and safety of every student.

FERPA Compliance

Our commitment to the privacy and security of student education records follows the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). MN Schools strictly protects student data, upholding the rights afforded under FERPA, including parental access to and correction of their child's education records. We maintain every student's privacy to create a secure and compliant educational environment.

iKeepSafe Certification: A Mark of Trust and Safety

MN Schools is certified by iKeepSafe, a trusted digital safety and privacy organization. This Certification highlights our adherence to the highest data protection and privacy standards, ensuring a safe and secure digital environment for all our users.

COPPA Compliance

MN Schools strictly adheres to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), ensuring the safety and privacy of children under 13.

Transparent Data Usage

At Multiple Natures International, we prioritize transparency in handling student data within our MN Schools platform.

We maintain an open dialogue with users, ensuring everyone is informed about how student information is used. This builds trust and aligns with our ethical standards, supporting the educational experience while protecting student privacy and rights.


Our Commitment to Data Security

Multiple Natures International ensures the security of our digital environment and your personal data.

Robust Encryption

Ensuring that all data is encrypted during transit and storage.

Secure Servers

Utilizing highly secure servers for data processing and storage.

Regular Security Audits

Conducting frequent evaluations to identify and rectify any vulnerabilities.

Advanced Access Controls

Implementing stringent access controls to prevent unauthorized data access.

Continuous Monitoring

Keeping track of our systems to promptly detect and respond to potential security threats.