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MNLIFE Open Onsite

Workshops that help you discover and align your natural abilities—so you can thrive!

What are the workshops about?

The MNLIFE Open Onsite Workshop provides a unique experience for individuals seeking to gain personal clarity and achieve more in their life. Our onsite workshops enable you to discover your natural abilities align them with the activities you perform, so you can take better decisions at each step—ones that lead to better results in whatever you do.

MNLIFE workshops are the first in the world to address the concept of Human Alignment, the process of knowing how to connect your innate capacities to work tasks, and create environments that truly enable you to fulfill your potential.

The workshops are based on the Multiple Natures Framework, which combines the power of Western science with the wisdom of the East. It was created by American educator, Steven Rudolph, who has spent over 25 years in Asia.

Who are the MNLIFE Open Onsite Workshops for

Everyone who want to know themselves better and:

  • take better personal and professional decisions.
  • improve communication at work and at home.
  • find alignment within themselves and with the environment.
  • realize and unfold your potential.
  • understand real reasons for burnout at work.
  • find new activities, hobbies, discover work and life balance.

For HR specialists:

  • seeking suitable people in suitable positions.
  • seeking employee motivation.
  • seeking low employee turnover.

For teachers:

  • seeking to understand the difference in their students.
  • seeking to guide their individual students on their path.
  • seeking to create harmony in classroom by teaching the natural communication.

For managers:

  • seeking suitable task delegation.
  • seeking to build a strong team.
  • seeking to uncover employee potential and improve efficiency.

What you will do in MNLIFE

In this workshop, you will

  • learn how to make better professional and personal decisions through your intelligences and natures.
  • find and make better use of your unused potential.
  • get your intelligences and natures map as well as hobbies and tasks best suited for you.
  • learn how not to overwork yourself, work in a more productive way, improve motivation.
  • learn to use natural communication which will help you avoid conflict in personal as well as professional life.
  • learn about Multiple intelligences and Multiple natures, Hungry tigers, Natural communication theories and actively use them in practice.
  • use video simulations and analyze virtual company employee situations in practical exercises.
  • try everything out in practice individually as well as in groups with other people seeking deeper knowledge of themselves.

Workshop Modules and Topics

The following are the topics we cover in the 12-hour MNLIFE Workshop:

Module Title Description
Module 1
(3 hrs)
Discover Your Nature Understanding the Basics of Multiple Natures and Multiple Intelligences—how they impact you and others in your everyday professional activities
Module 2
(3 hrs)
Align Your Nature Exploring all 19 of your MIs and MNs and discovering your unique MN Profile
Module 3
(3 hrs)
Feed Your Tigers Understanding how each of your abilities is like a tiger, and finding ways to “feed them” with activities when they become misaligned
Module 4
(3 hrs)
Natural Communication Learning how when people recognize and value each other’s unique Natures, they can communicate more effectively and minimize conflict

Workshop Formats

Our 12-hour program has open sessions for general participants during the course of 2 days. MNLIFE Open Onsite workshops include MNTEST Group Edition. Each participant will receive their MN Profile of natures and intelligences, hobbies, work activities.

Workshop Details

Here are some important details about the MNLIFE Workshop

Maximum Participants: 18
Minimum Age: 21 years (must have working experience)
Facilitator: All instructors are both Certified MN Practitioners and Certified MNLIFE Instructors trained by Multiple Natures International
Time: 12 hours (4 Modules of 3 hours each)

Benefits of MNLIFE

By being able to communicate your misalignments to others, this helps others:

  • identify the causes of stress, anger, boredom, frustration.
  • create mutual understanding.
  • adjust their expectations and deadlines accordingly.
  • predict and plan future interactions better to avoid conflicts.
  • know how to avoid “land mines”—the sensitivities that cause explosive reactions and conflicts.
  • know which types of work are likely not to create conflict and be accepted with pleasure and get done quickly because they are in alignment with their abilities.

Once you understand your own tigers, once you learn how to communicate effectively with other people, about your tigers and your sense of alignment (when you are aligned, misaligned, what makes you aligned or misaligned), it creates a level of understanding between people so they can negotiate, work better, delegate responsibilities, anticipate people’s alignment and misalignment.

The Power of Natural Communication

MNLIFE is the first workshop ever to teach the skill of Natural Communication.

Natural Communication: this is the extra thing in this workshop that’s not offered elsewhere. There are activities we do in the workshop (how do we do it)?

We have activities where they delegate responsibilities to others based on their natural abilities. They learn a skill of who to assign what work to. Many times, tasks fall between people, sometimes a boss gives everything to a star performer. This could backfire if that employee feels overworked or being dumped on. It’d be better to delegate some tasks to others who have more aligned qualities. Just might be more convenient to give work to the star performer.

Also learn “detection” how to detect when people are getting misaligned (having a meltdown) we do activities to sensitize them;

Workshop Elements

The MNLIFE Workshop took nearly 2000 hours to design. It is a work of curriculum craftsmanship that weaves theory, content, activity, games, psychometrics, simulation, meditation and more. It is a grand symphony of alignment!

Physical Engagement

Research shows that when learning is far more impactful when it is a whole-body experience. However, MNLIFE activities do not include gimmicky “potato-sack races”. Each physical activity has conceptual implications that reinforce the concepts of alignment and swastha.


The MNLIFE Workshop incorporates playful interactions that are serious fun. Each game reinforces the workshop content through challenges that inspire both competition and creativity.

Simulation and Case Studies

You'll explore a number of case studies, examples of conflicts, demonstrate, they analyze the sources of conflicts based on misalignment of MIs and MNs. Includes animated videos with characters; they then discuss solutions; why those problems are caused in the first place, and then how they might be averted.


During the workshop, you will have an opportunity to put your knowledge into practice. You'll become Sherlock Holmes and use your sleuthing skills to identify others' traits and level of alignment based on various evidence. You'll also partake in "The Big Event", where you'll have the challenge of delegating responsibilities to the individuals most suitable for different tasks.

Multi-sensory Experience

Participate in a guided meditation that involves all five senses. Understand alignment through action (karma yoga) and non-action (gyan yoga)

What You Will Learn

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • identify your unique, natural abilities and tendencies (Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures).
  • detect misalignment between your abilities and work tasks.
  • link physical and mental imbalances to misalignment of abilities and tasks.
  • develop personalized strategies to overcome misalignment.
  • re-energize yourself by engaging unused potential instead of using stimulants.
  • develop observation skills to read others’ Natures.
  • improve communication by adapting your communication style based on others’ natures.
  • how to delegate responsibilities based on natural abilities.
  • develop skills to come up with solutions to help others find alignment.
  • how to identify the root cause of conflicts based differing natures.
  • mitigate conflicts caused by different perceptions based on differing natures.

Ready to discover and align your nature?

If you'd like to participate in the upcoming MNLIFE Open Onsite workshops please contact us and inquire about the next available dates!