Empower Your Career Center with Multiple Natures

Looking to take your Career Center's guidance services to the next level? We're here to equip you with Multiple Natures (MN), a revolutionary tool based on a unique approach that provides a personalized and effective experience for your clients.

With MN integrated into your services, you can help clients discover their unique talents, align their career paths with their natural abilities, and enhance job satisfaction and success.

The Power of Multiple Natures (MN)

MN is a groundbreaking tool designed to identify innate talents and align them with individuals' career and life paths. MN combines a psychometric test and a certification training program, enabling practitioners to implement the test with their clients effectively.

Benefits of Integrating MN into Your Career Center

Integrating MN into your Career Center can bring numerous benefits:

  1. Enhanced Career Guidance: MN provides a deep understanding of an individual's innate talents, leading to more effective career guidance and counseling.
  2. Improved Client Satisfaction: The precision and applicability of MN lead to more personalized guidance, resulting in higher client satisfaction and success rates.
  3. Professional Development: Becoming a certified MN Practitioner provides valuable skills and knowledge for your team, enhancing their professional development.
  4. Increased Efficiency: MN can streamline your career guidance process, making it more efficient and effective.

Unleash the Power of MNTEST Software

The MNTEST software, a comprehensive online personality assessment tool, uncovers your clients’ unique abilities and harmonizes them with their personal and professional goals. Key features include:

  1. Comprehensive 4-Part Assessment: This in-depth personality assessment identifies your clients’ unique abilities.
  2. Online Convenience: An easy-to-access, 20-minute online questionnaire.
  3. User-friendly Dashboard: Presents assessment results in a clear and organized way.
  4. Career Matching: Personalized report featuring top matching careers from a database of over 600 jobs.
  5. Overlays for Comparison: Visually demonstrate where your clients’ unique abilities match with various career paths.
  6. Filters by Qualification: Allow clients to explore career options based on their qualifications.
  7. Task Matching: Aligns with your clients’ natural capacities and strengths.
  8. Leisure Activity Matching: Helps clients find leisure activities that align with their unique abilities.
  9. Algorithm-Driven Adaptive Assessment: Provides more precise results with each answered item.
  10. Personalized MN Profile: Detailed MN Profile offering scores for their 10 Multiple Intelligences and 9 Multiple Natures.

Why Choose Multiple Natures?

MN stands out for its:

  1. Simplicity: Easy-to-understand terminology and concepts.
  2. Precision: Can identify up to 10 quadrillion unique combinations of personality traits.
  3. Applicability: Usable in various contexts for career, professional, and personal development.
  4. Live Assessment: Includes a live one-on-one assessment for greater reliability.
  5. Unique Framework: Incorporates Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Steven Rudolph’s Multiple Natures, for a holistic understanding of personality traits.

Become a Certified MN Practitioner

Join our growing community of Certified MN Practitioners and bring the power of MN to your Career Center. Our online training program is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for Continuing Coach Education (CCE) credits.

Upon completion, you will:

  • Receive a digital certificate
  • Receive access to the MN Dashboard (where you issue MNTESTS and generate reports)
  • Get access to our MN Community forum and document repository
  • Be listed in our MN Practitioner Directory online

Investment and Training Methods

Our training program is conducted online. Pricing starts at $2,599.00, which includes 10 free MNTESTs.


Hear from our certified MN Practitioners about the impact of MN in their work:

"MN goes much deeper than the other tools. It consistently brings out that 'aha moment', and provides a reality check for where potential lies. My clients constantly say things like 'Wow, I never had so much information about myself.' And they leave with tremendous clarity about their professional direction."‍

Jan Goodman, Certified MN Practitioner, Greater Raritan One-Stop Career Center, Somerville, New Jersey

Additional Resources

In October 2022, Steven Rudolph, Founder of Multiple Natures, presented at a GSETA (Garden State Employment and Training Association) event. GSETA is an organization that supports One-Stop Career Centers in New Jersey, providing resources and training to enhance their services. The event focused on the topic "Multiple Natures - A Tool for Identifying Talents," aiming to equip career advisors with innovative tools for talent identification and career guidance. If you're interested in learning more about this topic or about the Multiple Natures concept, the following links will be of great help:

Ready to Transform Your Career Center with MN?

Join us in our mission to assist individuals to thrive by aligning their innate talents with their career and life paths. Reach out to us today and discover more about becoming a Certified MN Practitioner.

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