You’re stuck — you know you can achieve more in life but don’t know where to start. Join your host Steven Rudolph as he digs deep into practical ideas that unleash your natural abilities —your tigers— so you can flourish. Do you want to create a new direction in your life and make the most of your innate potential? Subscribe below to the Feed Your Tigers podcast!

So, what's the tiger thing all about?

It goes something like this:

  • Your potentials are like tigers
  • All tigers need to eat (they eat activities)
  • Big ones need to eat more; small ones need to eat less.
  • When you misfeed them, they eat you!
  • When you feed them right, you become aligned—and thrive!

The 7 Tiger Principles

The following are seven principles around your tigers that form the foundation of our unique personal development programs and tools.

1. Discover Your Tigers

Understanding your potentials—your 19 Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures

2. Love Your Tigers

Accepting, owning, and appreciating the gifts you have

3. Track Your Tigers

Identifying when you are aligned and misaligned

4. Feed Your Tigers

Engaging your tigers at every step

5. Know Others’ Tigers

Improving relationships by understanding and leveraging others’ natural abilities

6. Create Habitats for Your Tigers

Creating the environments that best support you—and others.

7. Elevate Your Tigers

Harnessing your tigers for a greater purpose

Want to be a featured guest?

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