December 22, 2022

3 Super Ways to Get More Aligned in 2023

With the New Year upon us, it’s time to reflect on how well you did this past year in terms of staying aligned.

Did you rock it? Or maybe you got rocked a bit?

Here are questions you can ask yourself to help you determine how much you were in “swastha” in 2022 (BTW, I made a cool video about what "swastha" means. You can check it out here.)

  • To what degree did you truly love your work on a day-to-day basis?
  • How frequently were you stressed, and how high were your stress levels?
  • How frequently did you find yourself resorting to stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, and so on?
  • To what degree do you find yourself engaging in distractions (e.g., surfing the web, watching videos, gossiping, shopping for things unnecessarily, etc.)
  • How energetic were you on a daily basis?

Whatever the case, keeping your tigers in a perpetual state of satiation requires constant attention.

To support you in the New Year, I’ve made a list of 3 ways you can maintain your practice of engaging your talents effectively.


1. Choose an exercise/fitness activity that aligns with your particular Nature.

I’ve written an article about this in detail—don’t miss it! Not all forms of exercise will work for you. There are some types of sports that you are more naturally cut out for.

This is important because if you’ve found it hard to stay consistent with physical fitness activities, it could be because you haven’t found a form of exercise that speaks to your tigers.

My article explains how by aligning your tigers with the right sport makes all the difference, and can lead to your falling in love with exercising (so watch out!).

2. Get Out of Your Head.

Did you ever get so obsessed about work or personal matters that you exhaust yourself?

I’ve seen that when people stay too much “in their heads” they wind up overthinking and burning themselves out.

Many people tell me they are too busy to have hobbies or engage in leisure activities. However, my experience shows me that people who engage in stimulating activities outside of work are happier and more productive in their professional lives as well.

This year try getting “out of your head” more often by introducing hobbies or leisure activities that feed your tigers. Doing so might sharpen your axe and make you more productive at work and in your personal life as well.

3. Recruit someone’s big tiger to help your small one.

There’s probably one big thing in your task list that is not getting done. You keep managing to put it off despite the fact that it’s pretty important.

Procrastination often occurs because the tiger associated with it is a small one. you just can’t muster up the energy to get that tiger into action.

My suggestion here is to drop your ego and ask a friend or colleague who has a large tiger in that area to lend a hand. For example, someone with a large Administrative

Tiger would be ideal to help get your workplace organized. Someone with a large Entrepreneurial Tiger could help you kickstart your new business idea.

Do you have any ideas or tips on how you are keeping your tigers fed? Hit “reply” and share them with me. I’m always eager to know how you are staying aligned!

I look forward to a wonderful year ahead—of greater balance and harmony, and enduring well-being.

On behalf of the entire team at Multiple Natures International, I wish you and your family all the best for the New Year.