December 22, 2022

What is Swastha?

The concept of “swastha” is a central principle of the Multiple Natures philosophy.

The following video explains the concept in short.

The word swastha is a Sanskrit term that is made up of 2 parts:

swa means “self”

stha means “to be situated in”

So the two parts together mean “to be situated in oneself” or “to be aligned with oneself”.

The interesting thing is that the literal meaning of the word swastha is “health”.

In other words, health is not a measure of your weight, cholesterol level, or body mass index. It is a measure of how well situated you are with your inherent Nature.

When you are aligned with your innate potential, you are healthy. The other aspects—your ideal weight and other measurements—will automatically find the right balance.

Through the Multiple Natures approach, we aim to help people identify their innate talents through their Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures. Once you’ve identified them, you can make choices about your work and personal life that engage them ideally.

The result is that you will feel better about yourself. You won’t have a need to stimulate yourself by drinking caffeine, eating sugar, taking stimulants, drinking or using drugs, and even engaging in gossip and office politics.