January 5, 2023

You might lose your job to this technology soon

Right now you might feel comfy-cozy in your current work-life situation. But if you don’t know it, there’s a new technology that could very well steal your job if it has t done so already.

I’m talking about OpenAI’s new artificially intelligent chat bot—ChatGPT.

In case you missed my livestream yesterday, watch it now. Don’t miss it! I interviewed ChatGPT on the show and it didn’t fail to blow my mind.

During the program I asked it to do things like tell me about the future of careers, to write a job application letter, produce a 5-day vegetarian menu of 1500 cal per day, create a detailed outline for a 500 word blog post on forming habits, write a haiku on self acceptance, and compare the Multiple Natures framework to the Big Five personality model.

It even served up a bunch of Twitter posts as per my request for inspirational quotes on living as per your nature – – and threw in the hashtags without my asking to boot.

In every instance, performed flawlessly.

The amazing part of this is not that the system is generating text. But the text that it is generating is novel and innovative. It synthesizes ideas and produces original content.

Every decade or so a technology comes along and shakes things up. It revolutionizes the way we live or work.

The radio, television, commercial flight, the Internet, the smart phone, social media—each had its turn in disrupting the norm.

From today, AI is no longer a hypothetical, distant thing of the future. It is available to you right at this very second.

But the scary thing is that it’s also available to every other person on the planet who has access to the Internet.

Think your job is safe as a social content creator? Not anymore. A college graduate in any developing country who earns $400 a month could outdo you with a couple of keystrokes.

Do you make a living helping people create better job profiles and cover letters. If so, you might not for long.

Book writer? Course creator? Marketing researcher? Advertising executive? Your source of living is on the chopping block.

And programmers? Did I mention that ChatGPT can spew out perfectly written lines of code in just about any language?

I don’t want to come off sounding like an alarmist. While I am hoping that this article serves as a wake up call, I also want to share how excited I am about the beneficial uses for such technology.

For someone like me who doesn’t have exceptional logical abilities, I’ve always found it challenging to write, as good writing, requires excellent, logical competence.

I sat with ChatGPT, fed it content, and asked you to produce some articles for me. As it’s wrote, I gave it feedback, telling it what was right or what was wrong, and when it learned from me, it began producing superior text.

At one point it did some thing that astounded me: I explained to it what Multiple Natures are, and how they are like tigers that need to eat (activities). It responded by expressing it understood the metaphor of how natural abilities are like tigers that want to consume work.

I then explained the concept of swastha — the Eastern concept of being in alignment with oneself, and having balance and well-being.

I added that when a person feeds their tigers audiencthey swastha. ChatGPT acknowledged the connection between these concepts.

Here’s where the crazy part comes in. I asked it to explain how feeding one’s tigers could lead to global sustainability, and it responded by saying people who live in a manner of swastha have a greater tendency to be more productive and find greater purpose in their work. And they also tend to live, in ways that are socially and ecologically sustainable. It even mentioned that such people have a greater likelihood to consume less—which could have a positive impact on the environment.

It was amazing to see it draw that conclusion without my having to explain that.

This bot was more than a tool to help me produce better grammatically constructed sentences. It became an extension of my capacity to think, synthesize, and communicate.

But the I heard the angels sing when it taught me something about my own work.

In one exchange while asking it to tell me what it understood about my own Multiple Natures theory, it mentioned something about a shadow nature— an aspect of one’s personality that they are not consciously aware of.

A shadow nature? Yes, I have seen this precise phenomenon with many people. For example, somebody is highly providing and administrative. They work as an administrator in a company. At the same time they have huge Healing and Intrapersonal Tigers. People regularly consult them with their emotional problems and they respond by helping others in a therapeutic way informally.  

Frequently, such people reach, midlife and have a revelation about themselves. They wind up getting  into therapy, yoga instruction, or something like doing Reiki part-time. In some cases they change their careers completely to be more in alignment with their dominant, underlying tendencies.

For years, I have unconsciously recognized this attribute, but never put a label on it. It’s precisely what I would call a shadow nature.

Here, ChatGPT expanded my own thinking— it directly helped me elaborate my own theory.

From my first brief interaction with this technology, it’s evident that massive changes in the world of careers and personal development are just around the corner.

And those people who are not in tune with what’s happening  face a real threat of losing their jobs to people on the other side of the globe working for a few dollars per hour who have been equipped with these tools. It won’t even matter if they don’t speak English. The system can translate to and from just about any language.

But as I’ve mentioned, AI, like all other disruptive technologies that have come before in now way portends a dystopian future in where we are all replaced by robots. In fact, I asked ChatGPT if we had to fear AI, and it assured me that humans would continue to find gainful ways to be engaged in new types of work along side of it.

It’s encouraging to get that reassurance. Though I’m sure that many people will hit the ground hard if they sleep through this transition.

I’ve already made my decision to actively embrace its power and to find ways to enhance my work, the products and services I deliver, and my own personal evolution.

What about you? Let me know what you think. I’m interested to hear how this might impact you.


P.S.  Can you guess whether or not I used ChatGPT  to help me write this article? Like me and I’ll let you know.