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Feed Your Tigers Workshop

Feed Your Tigers and Align Your Potential!

If you feel that your team lacks efficiency and motivation, the Feed Your Tigers (FYT) workshop is an ideal program to renew the power of your team.

FYT provides a unique experience for companies searching for an alignment in the team. Our online workshops enable to discover team member’s natural abilities and see them as tigers, who can be big and small, who can eat a lot or always feel misfed.

The workshops are based on the Multiple Natures Framework, which combines the power of Western science with the wisdom of the East. It was created by American educator, Steven Rudolph, who has spent over 25 years in Asia.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for organizations looking for a short, enjoyable, effective workshop that motivates and empowers their employees.

Who can participate?

Any member of a company can benefit from the FYT Workshop:

  • Company Management
  • Company Leaders
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • General Employees

What you will do in FYT workshop

In this workshop, you will

  • understand your unique potential as “tigers”
  • identify tigers that are big and small in each team member
  • share your findings with team members
  • understand how your tigers can complement each other
  • explore and increase your potential together as a team

Workshop Benefits

You will:

  • understand where your potential lies
  • identify why and where you might not be effectively engaging your potential
  • learn a new approach to engaging your potential
  • understand your colleagues natures better

Workshop Details

Here are some important details about the Workshop

  • Maximum Participants: 100
  • Minimum Age:  18
  • Facilitator: All instructors are Certified FYT Instructors trained by Multiple Natures International
  • Time: 90 minutes

Next Steps

After you’ve completed the FYT Workshop, you are ready for the next steps. These may include:

  • Participating in the MNLIFE workshops and gaining more knowledge about your potential
  • Taking the MNTEST and getting your individual Multiple Natures Profile (along with a detailed report of matching interests and tasks)
  • Becoming a Certified MN Practitioner and administer the MNTEST and FYT Workshop yourself

Customize FYT workshop to your needs!

Our FYT workshop has the option to be customized according to your individual company's needs, industry you are specializing in, and specific goals and results you are looking to achieve together with your newly aligned team. Ask us for more details.