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Align your people, enhance your impact

Fully realize your organization's impact by aligning the unique natures of your team members

MNTHRIVE is a groundbreaking program that significantly enhances your organization's collective impact by by aligning the potential of each team member.

Many organizations striving to create impact fall short of their goals, not due to a lack of dedication or resources, but because they have overlooked the essential element of personal alignment.

By tapping into the power of human alignment, your organization can overcome barriers to success and create lasting, meaningful change in the world.

Key Features of the MNTHRIVE Program

Empower Your Organization through Comprehensive Alignment Solutions

Simple to implement

Our concepts are easy to adopt, requiring minimal time and effort to gently enhance your thinking and improve overall performance. Think of it like a "secret sauce" that can enhance your organization's "recipe for impact".

A precise way of measuring potential

Our innovative approach to potential with the Multiple Natures Framework lets you measure potential like you've never experienced. Through our pathbreaking MNTEST, your team members will be able to clearly see where their potential lies.

Feeding Tigers: a unique paradigm for personal fulfillment

We refer to a person's innate talent's as "tigers" that need to be "fed". Our MN Profiles and matching reports demonstrate how each person can best engage their potential in the most fulfilling way—and help them avoid overextending themselves.

A new take on teamwork

Your teams will quickly speak the language of "tigers", and will instinctively know how to better communicate their needs and distribute responsibilities independently.


Through MNTHRIVE, you will experience:

  • improved employee engagement and satisfaction
  • greater adaptability and resilience to change
  • increased innovation, creativity, productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction
  • higher employee retention and reduced turnover
  • enhanced team collaboration and communication
  • amplified organizational impact and effectiveness

Who is MNTHRIVE for?

Our program is designed for organizations, projects, and individuals who share these values and are driven to create positive change in the world. If you identify with the following characteristics, you will benefit from our approach:

  • Your project focuses on shared values, self-management, and a higher purpose.
  • You believe in creating a culture that nurtures the individual and fosters personal and collective growth.
  • Your organization is dedicated to creating a meaningful, long-lasting impact on society and the environment.
  • You strive to address pressing challenges and contribute to a more sustainable, equitable world.
  • Your project is deeply committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.
  • You recognize the urgent need to protect our planet for future generations and actively work to minimize your environmental footprint.
  • You understand that true progress comes from collaboration and the pooling of diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences.
  • Your project harnesses the power of collective intelligence to drive innovation and solve complex problems.
  • You are motivated by a higher purpose that seeks to improve the lives of all beings.

The Power of Eastern Wisdom and Cutting-Edge AI

Steven Rudolph's 30-Year Journey to Unveil the Secret to Individual Alignment

Multiple Natures International has developed a revolutionary program based on the work of Steven Rudolph, who spent 30 years in the East using Eastern wisdom combined with the latest AI to understand the uniqueness of each person, and to enable organizations to engage them to the best of their abilities.

Aligning Individuals for Collective Impact

Embracing Sustainability and Impact from the Inside Out

Organizations focused on sustainability and impact often dedicate substantial resources to achieving their goals. However, they sometimes overlook a critical piece of the puzzle – the individual. Each team member is a microcosm of the whole, and when they are aligned with their true potential, they naturally produce impact and embody sustainability.

By ensuring that each individual within an organization is aligned with their unique talents MNTHRIVE promotes sustainable and impactful practices at the micro level. This personal alignment then radiates outward, combining...

The 5 Program Steps for MNTHRIVE

Here are the five steps your organization will undertake when implementing MNTHRIVE:

  1. Organizational Insight: We begin with a comprehensive review of your organization's current alignment, culture, and processes.
  2. MN Discovery: Your team will explore their unique Natures through the MNTEST, a cutting-edge personality assessment based on the pioneering MN Framework. We'll also do a role analysis to understand how your personnel's unique natures align within the organization.
  3. Feed Your Tigers: Next we explore strategies for individual and collective alignment, nurturing talents, and natural communication to improve overall performance.
  4. Ongoing Support and Growth: We now shift gears with regular check-ins, monitoring of progress, and ensuring team members stay aligned through the program.
  5. Impact Assessment: Finally, we evaluate the influence of the MNTHRIVE program at each level: personal, team, organization, and impact.

Program Details

We offer two program options to suit your organization's needs best: the Foundation Program and the Comprehensive Program. Both programs are designed to align the potential of your organization's people, enhancing your collective impact and driving meaningful change.

Foundation Program 

This program is designed to build a strong foundation of alignment within your organization, providing the necessary tools and understanding to begin the transformation process. The Foundation Program is perfect for organizations looking to gain a solid grasp of the Multiple Natures framework and implement initial changes for alignment.

Key Features:

  • Organizational Insight and MN Introduction
  • Feed Your Tigers: Initial Strategies
  • Ongoing Support and Growth: Monthly check-ins
  • Mid-Term Impact Assessment

Comprehensive Program: 

The Comprehensive Program offers a long-term approach to alignment, ensuring that the impact of the MNTHRIVE program is deeply integrated into your organization's culture and processes. This tier is designed for organizations that are committed to creating lasting change and maintaining a high level of alignment over time.

Key Features:

  • Organizational Insight and MN Introduction
  • Feed Your Tigers: Advanced Strategies
  • Ongoing Support and Growth: Bi-weekly check-ins
  • Natural Communication Workshops
  • Mid-Term and End-of-Term Impact Assessments
  • Additional support and resources for continuous improvement

Start Your Journey into Alignment Today

Don't wait to experience the transformative power of MNTHRIVE. Contact us today to learn how our program can help you achieve your organizational and personal alignment goals. Our team of certified practitioners is here to guide you every step of the way.


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