The winner of the MN Santa Contest

We would like to congratulate Emmanuelle Holvoet for winning the MN Santa Contest. In the contest we asked our community to identify Santa's Nature (his "talents"/"tigers").

We have selected Emmanuelle's entry as the winning entry. Here it is below.

"Which are the Tigers of Christmas father, what a lovely idea !. Thanks for this !๐Ÿ™
I think each one of us has a different answer.
As what one sees in other people is a mirror of what he is himself.
So, I think my Santa is very interpersonal, as he works very hard one single night to bring happiness to any one believes in him ; and he has to manage Christmas elfes.
He is also intrapersonal, as he lives in North pole, alone all the rest of the year (11 months), he must enjoy being quiet most of the time.

He is entertaining, because he entertains lots of people during one month, in nearly every home, every shop and even every office !
He also manages all the Christmas elfes who are working for him. And also use the brains of every parents to know what to bring to each child.
( He probably doesn't fear a burnout ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘, lucky him)
He has a spatial intelligence, not to get lost all over the world.
He's adventurous, as he travels all over the world , during the night, flying in a sled , climbing on houses and buildings to go through the chimneys...
His visual intelligence is a bit poor. He prefers being always in red all the time , as he doesn't need to think about how to harmonize colours to be dressed ๐Ÿ˜‰.
What about gross bodily intelligence... Not bad, he goes through chimneys, so he is quite flexible !
His linguistic intelligence ? Hard to say...I never heard him talking, as ( in my family) he only comes at night when everybody's sleeping !
At least he must be a good reader, to read all the letters sent to him !
Musical intelligence ?
Hum... Except the sound of reminders bells, I don't see.

Naturalistic intelligence ?
Well, his carbon footprint is ok, the sled is made of wood ( renewable material) and they are flying...

But if we take into account the carbon footprint of the presents he brings, it's not so clear ๐Ÿ˜„.

He is entrepreneurial also, he's famous all over the planet."

Congratulations Emmanuelle! ย 

You've won a 90-minute MN Session with MN Creator, Steven Rudolph. We hope that it helps you feed your tigers for the New Year!

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