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Reveal Your Tigers Session

A 2-hour session with Steven Rudolph that helps you discover your innate talents and take your next step with clarity and confidence

Hi, I'm Steven Rudolph, creator of Multiple Natures.

I'm going to guess you are at a crossroads and need to make a critical decision regarding your career or life. And you're likely struggling with the question: How do you know which is the best step to take next?

Steven Rudolph

Over the past 30 years, I’ve worked with thousands of people, helping them understand their natural talents and how to apply them powerfully. And enabling them to take their next steps with clarity and confidence.

Who is it for?

The Reveal Your Tigers Session is right for you if:

  • feel stuck in your current professional situation and are looking for a solution
  • feel unfulfilled in your current work role, but don’t know what to do about it
  • need to take an important career decision, and are uncertain of the right choice
  • have taken other personality tests but are not satisfied with the insights
  • are simply curious about your potential, Multiple Natures, or discovering your “tigers”

What does the session consist of?

Prior to our session, you will take the MNTEST online (20 min).

During our 2-hour session, you will:

  • perform a live assessment with me, exploring 19 of your tigers (talents)
  • see yourself in a new light and gain a renewed appreciation of your innate talents
  • identify the ideal careers, tasks, and leisure activities that match your unique Nature
  • receive a personalized 25+ page report of your profile and matching activities
  • get the insights required to take your next best step in your professional and personal life

You can book the Reveal Your Tigers Session with me by clicking the link below. After you register, you can then choose the next available slot in my calendar that is convenient for you.

I look forward to working with you, and helping you discover your unique potential. Now let’s get your tigers working for you!


The price for the 2-hour session is $500, which includes the MNTEST, your digital report, and unlimited access to your profile on the the Multiple Natures site.


Here's what client said about Steven Rudolph and MN:

"Steven was extremely helpful at a crucial juncture in my professional journey, as I had just graduated with a law degree, and was trying to figure out what to do with it. By breaking down my personality into intelligences and natures, and matching those with careers and specific day-to-day tasks, Steven was able to guide me in identifying areas of work that I would be likely to enjoy. He deftly combined my desires with what's feasible, to give me a few career choices to work with. Both sessions with him left me with more insight about myself. I would highly recommend MI-MN and conversations with Steven!"

Sampada V.
Law Student from UK

"I am in a point in my life where I find myself confused about which career path to dive myself into and how to apply my interests into that magical job or position we are all searching for. I was introduced to Multiple Natures through one of my best friends. By taking the test and working closely with Steven, I was able to have a clearer understanding of who I am and my natural talents. He helped show me my natural abilities and get closer to my path in life. His tools are like a GPS system that helped me feel more aligned with my purpose. Steven offered such a unique perspective on how to approach my professional life. I am forever grateful for the experience and truly recommend it to anyone who is curious to find out where their "tigers" lie. This is a MUST stepping stone experience in everyone life! I can't recommend it enough! Thank you so much Steven!"

Mari Bagos
New Jersey, USA

"Steven is rare type of a person you might be given an opportunity to meet in your life. True professional brimming with brilliant ideas and deep insights; exhibiting incredible working capacity and ability to push through the project until its fruition; displaying exquisite language and catching subtle movements of the heart in a quick drawing… And first of all, true human being and compassionate friend you want to spend hours and hours together – exploring ideas, discussing highs and lows, or simply sharing the moment in resonant silence. I recommend Steven’s Multiple Natures methodology as strong backbone for strengthening your own professionalism through adopting the art of creating sustainable human relationships."

Paulius Rate
PCC, Business and Team Coach

"From a chance encounter to a respectful friendship for life. That’s been my experience with Steven when I met him almost 14 years ago at Ed Leadership conference. He impressed me so deeply with his knowledge and perspectives about ‘Multiple Natures’ and its huge impact on the life of a student to a leader both personally & professionally. And Steven's passion and humility is like the toppings on the cake. He is one of the most versatile person I have ever met with his professional expertise and the ability to connect with people genuinely... His love for his work is extremely inspiring, like a true master who competes with Self to bring out the excellence. Steven is gifted to be a systems thinker, story teller, insightful and a deeply caring human being who values human relationship being truly precious gift of life. As a professional, he will delight you by bringing immense value and insights, more than you would have bargained for!"

Mrunal Lamge
PCC, CPF Leadership and Team Coach

"I came to know of Steven's work in 2012 when we were seeking career counseling for my elder daughter. She was keen on studying Biology and it was Steven's sharp insights that helped her choose a teaching and research career in Biology, over the option of becoming a doctor. Steven based his recommendation on her  Multiple Natures Report. He connected her relatively high scores in the 'logical' and 'linguistic' intelligences and in her 'educative' nature to a career in research and teaching. Ten years later, we are so grateful that my daughter followed this advice. She is now in the final leg of her D.Phil in Genomic Medicine & Statistics at the University of Oxford and is very happy with the choice she made a decade ago.  Buoyed by this experience, we have now sought Steven's advice for my younger daughter too. Steven has deep specialisation in career counseling, arising from his more than two decades of study and practice in this field. He has lived and worked across the western and eastern hemispheres and is able to relate to the cultural sensitivities across the world. He has useful frameworks to arrive at practical choices. He is up to date with emerging careers and has an engaging style with the student. The clincher for me is his ability to match the Multiple Natures profile to the career options, gently nudging the student without being overbearing.  Steven's advice can go a long way in helping students and professionals who are at various stages of their careers to take the right turns, thereby leading to happy and successful careers and lives."

Sudheesh Venkatesh
Bangalore, India

"Working alongside with Steven has taken me to places I had never even imagined. Places in which you can not only be yourself but praise your differences and help the people around you feel and find their own true DNA. Doing so, you do not only see yourself in a brand new perspective but you are also able to literally touch your heart and soul and see what is made of, and how it took that shape and no other. Identifying yourself is not only necessary but also capital in today's world where differences seem to be polished for a better gleam when we should all claim to be ourselves and no one but who we are. In this quest, Multiple Natures is not only the best tool I have ever heard about but also a vibrating experience with our own depth and roots to see how high our canopy can grow. I wish you all to meet Steven one day and I hope you will share that taste for authenticity and find your own way in the world. Devotion to help others meet their true selves is a rare trait and I have been looking around a lot, Steven has this as a backbone in life. Thank you dear Steven!!!"

Stephane Bachmann
MN Practitioner, Founder of l'Ecole Buissonnière and Co-founder of Pluriels et Singuliers Geneva, Switzerland