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Feed Your Tigers Discovery Session

Find out how to help your clients or employees align their potential with Multiple Natures

If you are a guidance professional, HR professional or team leader, the Feed Your Tigers Discovery Session is an ideal way to find out how you can help those you serve align their innate potential with what they do so they thrive.

Every person has unique combination of personality traits which is the key that enables them to unlock their potential. Through this approach, participants learn that there are no such things as strengths and weaknesses—there are only qualities that they can align more or less effectively with each opportunity that life presents.

The FYT session is based on the Multiple Natures Framework, which combines the power of Western science with the wisdom of the East. It was created by American educator, Steven Rudolph, who has spent over 25 years in Asia.

Who is it for?

Professionals interested in finding powerful ways to help others discover and achieve their potential.

Who can participate?

Any member of a company can benefit from the FYT Workshop:

  • Corporate Managers and Leaders
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Life Coaches and Workplace Coaches
  • Career Counselors

What you will do in FYT workshop

In this workshop, you will

  • understand your unique potential as “tigers”
  • share your findings with participants
  • understand how tigers can complement each other
  • explore and increase your own potential
  • learn how to apply the Feed Your Tigers approach to your professional practice

Workshop Benefits

You will:

  • understand where your potential lies
  • identify why and where you might not be effectively engaging your potential
  • learn a new approach to engaging your potential



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