Join MNLIFE Discovery Workshop

So, you know about the MNLIFE Workshop and you’d like to get a taste before you go in for the full program? No problem, we’ve got you covered! 

We invite you to the MNLIFE Discovery Workshop that will help you thrive in your professional and personal life.

Through this 90 min. Workshop, you learn to:

  • identify your natural abilities
  • align your potential to get results
  • improve communication with family members and colleagues
  • discover the true sources of motivation
  • recognize stress and manage it

While living in the East for 25 years, Steven Rudolph uncovered powerful secrets of the ancients about the sources of motivation and talent. Join him in this illuminating session that will get you tapping into your potential, and bringing you the results in life that you deserve.

Workshop details

  • Event: MNLIFE Discovery Workshop (via Zoom)
  • Dates and Times: 24th February, 15:30 (Paris time) / 9:30 (EST)
  • Cost: Free of charge
  • Facilitator: Steven Rudolph, Founder of Multiple Natures
  • Language: English
  • Registration is valid until 22nd February.


What is covered in the workshop

In the MNLIFE Discovery Workshop, you will learn:

  • an introduction to the Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures theories
  • how to align your natural abilities with your work and leisure activities
  • how to detect misalignment, and to re-align yourself to avoid stress
  • the “Feed Your Tigers” method for systematically aligning your abilities in your personal and professional life
  • Natural Communication: How to interact with others as per their natural abilities to increase mutual understanding and productivity and to reduce conflict 

Who is it for?

The MNLIFE Discovery Workshop is for individuals and corporate professionals for their personal benefit, who are looking to incorporate MN in their professional practice, or who are part of a company and want their organization to benefit from the power of Multiple Natures. 

It is ideal for: 

Working Professionals who want to
  • make a career change
  • identify and remedy the causes of burnout
  • take better personal and professional decisions 
  • realize their potential more fully
  • improve communication at work and at home
  • attain life balance through additional types of activities
Guidance Professionals who want to
  • acquire powerful tools to understand and guide their clients better
  • help clients find greater life balance
  • help clients in making career decisions
  • find greater balance and alignment in their own professional practice
HR specialists who want to
  • make the best recruiting decisions
  • get the right people in the right positions
  • facilitate change in their companies
  • create environments that are more motivating and rewarding to employees
  • decrease employee turnover
Managers and Corporate Leaders who want to
  • ensure their key management members are aligned with their roles
  • improve task delegation among employees
  • build stronger, more dynamic teams that can navigate change better and faster
  • discover and engage employee potential more effectively
  • Improve efficiency and productivity across their company
  • reduce attrition and inefficiency in their staff

Next Steps

After you’ve completed the MNLIFE Discovery Workshop, you are ready for the next steps. These may include: