Case Study

Finding Alignment through Metal Craft

MN Practitioner Case Study

Please note: Details of the client have been modified to protect their privacy.

MN Practitioner: Corrine Jacob

Client's Name: Antonio

Country: France


Antonio is 40 years old. He is metalworker and is unhappy in his job. Although he likes working with metal, he feels that “something is missing” and that he could do other things. At the same time, he is resistant to change and admits that he likes his relaxed life that allows him to have a lot of time for his hobby: he is fond of tango and spends all his leisure time practicing dance!

Needs and or goals identified for the MN or global coaching session

Antonio decided to work with me and to take the MNTEST. He was strongly encouraged by his friends to know himself better and discover his full potential to feel more fulfilled in his life.

As an MN Practitioner, I quickly understood that Antonio needed to find genuine motivation and to be strongly supported in his desire to change, because as each new door opened, his reaction was always “Yes, but...”. And he had always a good reason not to follow through. So on one hand he was expressing dissatisfaction because he wanted greater fulfilment, but at the same time, he didn’t have the energy or motivation to change. Something strong had to be turned on in order to help him to move forward.

Client MN Profile

Type of Guidance and Length

Antonio's coaching was a mix between 2 MN Group Sessions during two weekend workshops. I then conducted three individual sessions using MNTEST and related coaching techniques. I followed up with a few phone calls to provide support to Antonio and to assist him in moving forward toward his goals. In total, our interaction was 12 months.

Key Learnings for the client at the end of the MN Intervention

During our coaching sessions, Antonio was able to become clearly aware how it was important for him to feed his Creative Nature—which is an enormous tiger! He admitted that was something he knew deep inside but that he didn’t dare expose it in his external environment. That is also why his MNTEST score in Part 1 and Part 2 was underestimated, due to a probable self-censorship. This came out during the Live Assessment (Part 3).

It was as if he was a little bit ashamed of that quality (because people often told him he was lost in his thoughts or dreams). With the MN Coaching, Antonio understood he could be proud of his Creative Nature, and clearly that if he engaged it and fed it, that he would have a more fulfilled life. He also became more aware of his other intelligences: Intrapersonal, Naturalistic, Graphic Visual, And Spatial Visual. And how sustained he was by his Gross Bodily, Fine Bodily, and Musical.

During one of the group sessions, Antonio was able to also visualize and dream about a space he wanted to create that would combine his love for metal art and tango.

At the end of the coaching, Antonio had decided to pursue that goal.

To do so, he decided to:

  • stop wasting time watching TV every evening, and instead start to draw potential art pieces he could create with metal.
  • get up the courage to speak with his boss and tell him he would like to do more creative work and have more freedom in his job when possible.
  • ask his boss if he could use the machines after work to do some art projects for himself.

Evolution of the client had after your interaction with the MNTEST?

A year after the MNTEST, I came to know that Antonio had created his first art piece which he gave to one of his best friends. Two and a half years after our initial session, I met him by chance. By then he had created 12 statues and even sold a few of them.

He also told me that he had just changed jobs, joining a smaller company, one that was more artistically oriented. During his recruitment interview, he discussed his passion for creativity with metal, and amazingly managed to get the company to agree to allowing him to use the machines after work for his personal use!

In addition, I learned that he would become a Tango teacher few month later. When I reminded him his dream of having a specific place where tango and art metal could be brought together. I could see a smile on his face. Then I asked him if he remembered the name he had come up with for this new place. He did. and when he mentioned the name, in his eyes, I could see stars shining.

MN Practitioner Analysis

Things I gained from this interaction:

  • Recognizing more the importance of taking time to accompany a client respecting his rhythm and pace to change, and to give him the necessary support after the MNTEST to help him in putting in place the actions he decided.
  • MN allows people to reconnect with their enthusiasm and to what drives them. While it helps you reconnect with your dreams you could wish for in your life, it also allows you to become more aware of your full potential and where you could benefit from assistance—to realize your dreams more fully.
  • How important the MNTEST Live Assessment (Part 3) is in uncovering self-bias.
  • The MNTEST is often the beginning of an evolutionary process that can be very powerful to transform people in life!