Key Concepts

Creative Nature

Understanding a Creative Nature

The tendency to generate original ideas or works that have value.

People with a strong Creative Nature are always full of ideas and constantly engage themselves in creative pursuits. They are brimming with innovation and invention, great in brainstorming sessions, and make excellent problem solvers. If they have a passion for words, they may create poetry or literature. If they are interested in music, they may end up composing original songs. In the world of business too, creative people stand apart from others by coming up with clever ad campaigns or innovative product concepts and designs.

Characteristics of a Creative Nature

People with a strong Creative Nature are inclined to:

  • Generate innovative thoughts
  • Create novel concepts, innovations or inventions
  • Absorb themselves in creative pursuits
  • Become bored with routine thinking or activities
  • Excel in brainstorming sessions
  • Look at situations or problems differently than others
  • Solve complex problems

Traits of a Creative Nature

  • Knowledge Mining / curiosity
  • Playing
  • Framing
  • Making
  • Pivoting
  • Open to inputs

Famous People with a High Creative Nature

  • Edward de Bono (educator)
  • Martha Graham (choreographer)
  • Salvadore Dali (painter)
  • Hedy Lamarr (inventor)
  • Walt Disney (animator)

Careers that correspond

Beauty professional, flash animator, news analyst, jewellery designer, craft artist, photographer, computer game designer.

Hobbies that correspond

Toy making, craft making, photography, creative writing, candle making, making model cars.

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