Key Concepts

Graphic Visual Intelligence

Understanding Graphic Visual Intelligence*

The ability to view things accurately or create mental images, process them and translate them from imagination to reality.

People with strong Graphic Visual Intelligence have an aptitude for design, drawing, coloring, painting, creating models, etc. They find it easy to think in pictures and images. They easily see images in their mind and can represent them in visually artistic ways. They have a knack for looking into details and often see elements that others miss.

Characteristics of Graphic Visual Intelligence

People with strong Graphic Visual Intelligence are inclined to:

  • Draw, paint or color with accuracy
  • Have a keen sense of color combination
  • Represent ideas in visual or symbolic ways
  • See images clearly in their heads
  • Doodle (draw pictures) while listening to others

Traits of Graphic Visual Intelligence

  • Noticing fine details
  • Sense of color
  • Sense of light and shade
  • Recognizes patterns

Famous People with High Graphic Visual Intelligence

  • Walt Disney (animator)
  • RK Laxman (cartoonist)
  • Ansel Adams (photographer)
  • Pablo Picasso (painter)
  • Adruitha Lee (hair stylist)

Careers that correspond

Beauty professional, camera operator, flash animator, videographer, art editor, user interface designer.

Hobbies that correspond

Drawing & painting, clay modelling, making model cars, notebook decoration, gardening, bird watching.

*While working with students and making use of the MNTEST to guide students into professions, Steven Rudolph encountered limitations with the Visual Intelligence category defined by Howard Gardner. This led him to splitting this intelligence into two: Graphic and Spatial Visual Intelligence.

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