Key Concepts

Entertaining Nature

Understanding an Entertaining Nature

The tendency to amuse others, or attract, focus and maintain people's attention on oneself or one's work.

People with a strong Entertaining Nature have a special interest in amusing others. They have an uncanny ability to get others’ attention and to stir their emotions, whether it is through singing, dancing, making jokes, or even through their writings or drawings. They have a good sense of their audience, and what it takes to get them to get focused, and they control them with their great sense of timing, dynamics and expression. They get spurred on by the feedback of their audiences in the form of applause, smiles, laughs, or appreciation of their work.

Characteristics of an Entertaining Nature

People with strong Entertaining Nature are inclined to:

  • Capture and hold people's attention
  • Amuse others and/or make them laugh
  • Stir people's emotions
  • Be (or have their work be) the centre of attention
  • Excel when they have to perform or present their work

Traits of an Entertaining Nature

  • Humor
  • Artistic expression
  • Attention
  • Bonding

Famous People with a High Entertaining Nature

  • Ansel Adams (photographer)
  • Charlie Chaplin (silent film comedian)
  • Charles Schultz (cartoonist)
  • Robin Williams (comedian)
  • Wanda Sykes (actor/comedian)

Careers that correspond

Performing artist (musical), actor, lyricist, television anchor, dubbing artist, disc jockey.

Hobbies that correspond

Acting, dancing.

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