Key Concepts

Adventurous Nature

Understanding an Adventurous Nature

The tendency to seek out unusual challenges or place oneself far outside the space of what an average person would consider normal or safe.

People with a strong Adventurous Nature are all about pushing the limits, taking risks, and being competitive. The adventurous enjoy seeing what happens if they just went a little further, or tried things a different way. Some adventurous folks enjoy putting their body to the test, and might take to extreme sports such as mountain climbing or bungee jumping. However, those who are more academically inclined might use competition as a means of stretching their limits, though some are so self-driven that they don't need anyone to go up against to achieve great heights or explore new vistas.

Characteristics of an Adventurous Nature

People with strong Adventurous Nature are inclined to:

  • Play adventure sports
  • Take risks (socially, physically, mentally, financially)
  • Act spontaneously (try new things without preparation)
  • Travel to far-off places
  • Experiment with things
  • Do things that others would consider dangerous

Traits of an Adventurous Nature

  • Risk taking
  • Spontaneity
  • Wanderlust
  • Exceeds limits
  • Competes

Famous People with high Adventurous Nature

  • Sir Edmund Hillary (mountaineer)
  • Emilia Earhart (pilot/adventurer)
  • Kalpana Chawla (astronaut)
  • Gertrude Bell (explorer)
  • Michael Schumacher (race car driver)

Careers that correspond

Ocean engineer, actor, lyricist, air force pilot, marine biologist, crime reporter.

Hobbies that correspond

Cycling, body building, boating, horse riding, making model cars.

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