Key Concepts

Entrepreneurial Nature

Understanding an Entrepreneurial Nature

The tendency to take on projects or create opportunities of a commercial or humanitarian nature, using a high degree of independence, where the reward may be monetary or involves self-satisfaction.

People with a strong Entrepreneurial Nature have a natural flair for business. They get pleasure from creating financial value and the ability to sustain and scale operations. They are constantly on the move to bring together people, concepts, and capital in a way that generates wealth. Where others see problems, they tend to see opportunities. Those who are entrepreneurially inclined have a knack for thinking up novel products and services. They have an excellent power of persuasion and are able to sell products, ideas and even themselves to others.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneurial Nature

People with strong Entrepreneurial Nature are inclined to:

  • Bargain when they go shopping
  • Negotiate and make good deals for themselves
  • Budget and spend money carefully
  • Spot ideas that could make money
  • Start ventures by bringing together various resources

Traits of an Entrepreneurial Nature

  • Demonstrates ambition
  • Prefers working independently
  • Is opportunistic
  • Demonstrates leadership
  • Is perseverant
  • Innovates
  • Is flexible
  • Creates & extracts value
  • Resourcefulness

Famous People with a High Entrepreneurial Nature

  • Warren Buffet (investor)
  • Lucy Peng (entrepreneur)
  • Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple Computers)
  • Henry Ford (Industrialist)
  • Thomas Edison (Investor and inventor)

Careers that correspond

Small scale entrepreneur, spa manager, commercial manager, corporate strategy consultant, marketing manager.

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