Key Concepts

Gross Bodily Intelligence

Understanding Gross Bodily Intelligence*

The ability to be aware of the functioning of one's body and others' bodies, as well as to demonstrate strong physical coordination.

People with a strong Gross Bodily Intelligence has an aptitude for moving and manipulating their body in a variety of circumstances. They explore and learn through touch and movement, and have a natural sense of coordination, balance, grace dexterity and timing. Their body is their strength and they remember by doing. They enjoy concrete learning such as games, role play, physical exercise, model building, and field trips. They are interested in health and care of the physical body, and have the ability to naturally invent new approaches to physical skills such as dance movements, athletic techniques, and other physical activities.

Characteristics of Gross Bodily Intelligence

People with strong Gross Bodily Intelligence are inclined to:

  • Excel at playing a variety of sports
  • Perform complicated dance steps
  • Ride a bicycle with a sense of balance
  • Climb ladders, trees or rocks with a sense of ease
  • Use body language while speaking

Traits of Gross Bodily Intelligence

  • Moving Rhythmically
  • Timing
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Stamina

Famous People with High Gross Bodily Intelligence

  • Sir Edmund Hillary (mountain climber)
  • Michael Jordan (basketball player)
  • Kate Moss (fashion model)
  • Muhammad Ali (boxer)
  • Jennifer Lopez (actor/dancer)

Careers that correspond

Athlete, dancer, massage therapy, surgeon, physical education teacher, builder, chiropractor.

Hobbies that correspond

Boating, body building, dancing, cycling, acting, horse riding.

*While working with students and making use of the MNTEST to guide students into professions, Steven Rudolph encountered limitations with the Bodily Intelligence category defined by Howard Gardner. This led him to splitting this intelligence into two: Gross and Fine Bodily Intelligence.

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