Feed Your Tigers Talk (Vested Summit)

This page is a reference page for Steven Rudolph's talk at Vested Summit 2020, a 2-day event promoting #conscioustech. Please do check back here as we will be updating the page with some helpful links.

Talk Details:

Speaker: Steven Rudolph, Founder-Director, Multiple Natures International

Topic: Feed Your Tigers (before they eat you, your company, and the planet)

Date: Saturday, Dec, 5, 2020

Time: 2:30PM-2:50PM (GMT +2, Cairo Time)

URL to View the Live Event:

Watch the recording of presentation here!

Steven Rudolph is an innovator, educator, and entrepreneur who creates tools that help people discover their "tigers" (natural abilities) and align them with what they do. In this talk, he will share how he derived a self-discovery model from a 5,000 old treatise while in India for 21 years. He'll demonstrate how his "tigers-based" approach and MNTEST simplify the process of engaging your potential, and how doing so leads to wellbeing at the individual, organizational, and global level.

With the backdrop of the summit as #conscioustech, Steven also explains how the demand from a single guidance professional inspired him to completely change his psychometric test and business model; the transformation ensured that the technology was supporting the human experience of the practitioners and clients who use product.