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MNCAREERS Instructor's Course

Guide students toward their ideal careers

This course is a program for MN Practitioners who would like to guide students age 14-18 in developing a career path. It is based on the Multiple Natures Framework, and helps youth in understanding the key components that go into making decisions for their journeys into the professional world.

The MNCAREERS Course for students can be taught online or face-to-face, and is conducted best in a small group setting of approximately 4 participants.


Individuals completing the program receive a digital certificate as a Certified MNCAREERS Instructor. This credential counts toward additional qualification as per the MN Practitioner Certification Pathway ladder.

Course Requirements

The following are the requirements for this course:

  1. You must have completed the MN Practitioner Training Course to register for this program.
  2. The course must be completed within one year of registration.
  3. No formal qualifications for Career Counseling are required to attend this course, however, participants should recognize that having knowledge, qualification, and experience in this area is of tremendous value for working with students who will be taking this course.
  4. You need at least a score of at least 70% on the final exam to pass the course.

Instructional Methodology

  • The program is designed in a self-paced manner so you can learn at your own pace and as per your own schedule.
  • You will be required to read through all of the course materials, and will have access to videos of recorded sessions of a previous course conducted by Steven Rudolph.
  • Short multiple choice quizzes appear at the end of each module in the MN Academy. There is also a final exam at the end of the program.

Please Note: There is no live instruction for this course, however, one-on-one support is available as an add on if you would like it for your own professional development.

Course Resources

All participants in this course get access to the following documents and resources:

  1. The Presentation slides for the course (Google Slides).
  2. The Course Handouts and Homework Assignments (Google Docs).
  3. The MN Academy Course, which contains additional details of how to run the course as well as the quizzes and course exam. (MN Academy LMS).
  4. Additional Resources, that include a course evaluation (Google Form) and email templates that you can use.
  5. Video recordings of the MNCAREERS course conducted by Steven Rudolph.

Course Outcomes

By taking this course participants will:

  • become familiar with techniques to coach students in choosing a career or career path
  • understand the role of Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures in career selection
  • understand the role and importance of “specific knowledge” in choosing a career
  • understand how to help students perform a feasibility check to determine the viability of a career
  • be able to guide students in crafting a comprehensive career plan and action plan


  • Provides a structured career coaching program that includes the Multiple Natures philosophy
  • Provides a way for practitioners to earn more through additional coaching sessions
  • Saves practitioners time in having to create a career coaching process

What makes this program unique?

  • It is the first course to provide a detailed process for students to help them choose or to create a career plan that makes use of the MN framework.
  • It is the first program to introduce the “tigers” to teens, doing so in an age appropriate way
  • It is the first course to go beyond a “strengths-based” approach, helping students to see their uniqueness as the combination of all of their abilities (big and small), and how their career choice needs to take into consideration their entire being.


  • EUR 500 / USD 530