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MNTEST Lite is our psychometric tool that is ideal for those who don't need all the power of our MNTEST Standard Edition. It is perfect for in-house Human Resource Professionals working with their own employees, or guidance professionals working with adult clients who are not in need of career exploration.

Consist of 4 Parts:

The test process of this test is the same as MNTEST Standard Edition, though the report options are different. The four test parts include:

Part 1 (20 min): A 76-item assessment

Part 2 (10 min): An adaptive assessment

Part 3 (60 min): A live, one-on-one assessment performed with an MN Practitioner that makes use of self-reflection through a guided interaction

Part 4 (30 min): A personal explanation of the client’s scores and their significance.


The MNTEST Lite Report is a PDF document that contains Matching Tasks, and Hobbies (no careers). The client may choose up to 20 of each with guidance from the practitioner. It is approximately 20 pages (depending on the number of tasks and hobbies chosen.)

Upgrading to MNTEST Standard

In case you would like to have access to the full report including matching careers, there is an option to upgrade to MNTEST Standard Edition.

Why MNTEST Lite?

In some cases, guidance professionals do not require career matching options. This occurs with coaches and counselors when clients are in need of assistance with life-balance, where a change in occupations is either not possible or not required. In the case of organizations, in-house HR professionals often need to help employees better manage their potential. As such, MNTEST Lite provides details of the client's matching tasks and hobbies only.